big goal in the morning and return in the afternoon

Osasuna played two friendly matches this Friday August 5 to close the pre-season before the first league match, which will be played on Friday 12 against Sevilla at the Sadar. Those of Arrasate they beat Burgos in Tajonar (1-0) with a superb goal by Pablo Ibáñez and, in the afternoon, during his visit to the pitch of mirandésthey won after coming back from an own goal from Aridane (1-2).


The young people of Osasuna knock on the door with force. and some like Pablo Ibanez, he is already “sneaking” through the window. The Pamplona midfielder, in addition to scoring the whole game -and the whole pre-season- at a high level, scored the only goal of the game with a tight parabolic shot from almost midfield. The Burgos goalkeeper, correctly advanced, retreats towards his goal but the ball is introduced cleanly between the little space left between his glove and the crossbar. A big goal

The penultimate game of pre-season and the first round of the day at Osasuna allowed the players to accumulate more competitive minutes in their legs, ninety per head, since Jagoba only called three substitutes – Promises goalkeeper Darío, Iker Benito and Barbero – and only had the latter jump onto the pitch in the home stretch of the game.

The rival, CF Burgos, He arrived in Tajonar in good spirits since until yesterday he hadn’t lost any pre-season game. The Castilians have fielded a serious XI, which could be the starter for the second division. But those of Jagoba, thinner than in previous engagements, jumped onto the field ready to make a clear difference between the two categories. A minute later, Aimar Oroz warned with his head; at noon, the defense takes a shot from Torres under the sticks; Kike Barja shot from outside the area soon after; and Kike García, an example of training, had until the end of the first half three or four clear situations that were not resolved. Good first part of those of Arrasate who prevailed in every meter to the people of Burgos although this domination did not translate into goals on the scoreboard.

Upon resumption, the film continued with the same plot, albeit at a slower pace. Aimar and Kike continued to put all three Burgos centre-backs in trouble until Pablo Ibáñez arrived and lifted the parabolic score 1-0. There was no reaction from the visitors and the match continued in the same vein, the Navarrese dominating the game, the tempo and the chances.

Just 150 hours before the start of the League, Osasuna have shown that -against a lesser rival- they are capable of controlling games, seizing the initiative and creating dangerous chances. Osasuna is progressing adequately. However, you must refine your objective.

Health 1
Burgos CF 0

Health. John Perez; Nacho Vidal, Unai Garcia, Herrando, Manu Sanchez; Pablo Ibanez, Torres, Moncayola; Kike Barja (m.76, Barber), Aimar Oroz and Kike García.

Burgos CF. Dear; Fran Garcia (d.46, Borja Gonzalez), Gregory (d.46, Atienza), Elguezabal (d.65, Lopez Pinto), Cordoba, Navarro (d.46, Saul Berjon); Bermejo ((m.65, Pol Bassa), Andy (m.65, Munguia), Mumo, Valcarce (m.65, Del Cerro); Artola (m.46, Ivan Serrano).

Gol. 1-0. m.57. Pablo Ibanez.

Arbitrator. Imanol Irurtzun Artola (Navarro Committee). He warned Del Cerro (m.81).

incidents. Match played at Tajonar facilities in front of 600 spectators. President Sabalza watched the game from the stands.


Osasuna won the eighth and final game of the pre-season, a week before making their League debut. Hubo reassembled in Anduva, Fateful scenario in Second time, beating a Mirandés who in the first part was very orderly.

The reaction with a game closer to the Arrasate style, that is, high pressure and an accumulation of men in the box in the attacking actions, fixed an afternoon that had been complicated with an own goal from Aridane of nothing less than the center of the pitch and with a football stuck in it.

Nobody obviously repeated those who had acted in the morning. Areso, a great display, started on the wing and as the minutes went on he switched positions with Rubén Peña, who had started on the side. Moi Gómez started from the left wing inside a gray Osasuna side who failed to break the static as they gained possession.

At 25 minutes one of the blunders of the pre-season arrived. Aridane received a ball beyond the dividing line with Mirandés stuck in his field and, without looking at his goalkeeper, he kicked too hard with his left leg. Sergio Herrera could not react. When he did, he saw that the ball had slipped into his goal. Seeing is believing. Lack of tension always has a price. Fortunately, it was the pre-season.

The blunder affected an Osasuna who was no longer able to generate dangerous situations against a curdled and more enthusiastic opponent. Raúl was close to making it 2-0 after another error from David García but the Burgos goalkeeper, who played at home on Friday, spoiled the chance.


The rest solved the problems. Osasuna increased the intensity. He bit better and exuded another ambition. The difference in category was beginning to be felt. Far from struggling behind, he let himself be seen in dangerous areas and complicated the life of Mirandés in the pressure. Darko scored the draw taking advantage of a refusal after a combination of Chimy and Javi Martínez that Rubén Peña completed. The former Villarreal player was the protagonist minutes later by failing to turn a clear heads-up into one in which he appeared to be injured. He was traded, just like Moi Gomez.

Robert Ibanez, Barely entered and playing his first minutes of pre-season, he scored the winning goal by hitting the ball with a superb shot that Herrero repelled with the whip of Chimy. There were more chances for Osasuna to increase the lead down the stretch with a distinct Navarrese flavor. Chimy followed up in a good game from him in attack.

Mirandes 1
Health 2

Mirandes: Smith, Saints (Vineyard, m. 46), Alex Martin, Michelis (John Duran, m. 83), Salinas; Beñat Meadows (Bearded, m. 70), Meseguer, Robert Lopez, Oriol King, Castle Nacho; Raul (Salipho, d. 66).

Health: Sergio Herrera; Ruben Peña (Iker Benito, m.71), Aridane, David García, Juan Cruz; Nougat; Areso, Javi Martínez, Darko, Me Gómez (Rober Ibáñez, m.71); and Chimy Avila.

Arbitrator: Jon Ander Gonzalez Esteban. No warnings.

Goals: 1-0 (min. 25): Aridane (pp); 1-1 (min. 60): Darko; 1-2 (min. 75): Rober Ibáñez.

Case : Osasuna’s last pre-season game took place at Anduva.

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