“Between Carlos and me, there is still a lot of chemistry”

Carolina Cerezuela, with Carlos Moyá, before the Mallorquines de Verano award ceremony. / RC

Carolina Cerezuela receives the ‘Summer Mallorquines’ award in Palma: “Here I have an incredible quality of life”

“I’ve already made two gazpachos and a few other things and I have low blood pressure,” proclaims Carolina Cerezuela amused before nine-thirty in the morning. And it is that this unstoppable mother of three children gets up at half past seven even in summer. At 42, the wife of tennis player Carlos Moyá is enthusiastic about her return to television. For the past few weeks, he has been presenting the Telecinco contest “Tonight, I win” with Christian Gálvez. But last night she was the winner by receiving the “Summer Majorcans” trophy at the Valparaíso hotel for her unconditional love for the island which she discovered at the hands of her husband.

One more year, the ‘Summer Mallorquines’ evening, instituted in Palma by the prestigious public relations manager Tommy Ferragut, brought together some 80 people from the world of culture and journalism on the terrace of the hotel’s mythical suite 702 Valparaíso, mythical seat ‘ of Julio Iglesias and refuge of many other international celebrities. Cerezuela is the eighth winner to whom Toni Ferrer, General Manager of the GPRO Valparaíso Palace, presents the imposing Gordiola blown glass palm tree, the trophy that has already been collected in previous years by celebrities such as Diandra Douglas, Kyril of Bulgaria, former US Ambassador James Costos and Norma Duval.

With spectacular views of the sunset over the Bay of Palma as a backdrop, the dinner was led by the host hotel’s chef, Carlos Botella, who prepared a menu based on local produce accompanied by wines and Mallorcan liqueurs Pla i Llevant Moyá, a fun coincidence with the surname of the former tennis player and husband of the winner, also present at the party. “I hadn’t been to Mallorca until I met Carlos,” the Elche-born actress explained. Today, his children are studying on the island, and two of them are Mallorcan by birth. “Mallorca is a fundamental part of my story. Here in 15 minutes you are in diverse and spectacular settings, there reigns an incredible quality of life. And I’m already so Mallorcan that I don’t go to the beach anymore in July and August. I use it the other months of the year.

“At 42, I left remorse behind me and I became more enjoyable”

While rediscovering, as she says, “the taste for television”, after five years without presenting a show, Carolina tries not to pay too much attention to the public. “Going out in the summer is always a bit of a click,” he says. The competition is all about challenges and she admits to being an adrenaline junkie. “My biggest challenge is being a mother of three children, something difficult to manage in such a troubled world, as I am also determined that they grow up emotionally healthy and secure.” Their children are Carla, almost 12 years old, Carlos junior (9) and Daniela (8).

Carolina has been with Mallorcan tennis player Carlos Moyá, currently Rafa Nadal’s main coach, for 15 years, and during that time they invented many crises, including when she decided to form a musical duo with Jaume Anglada. “Today – reveals the actress – Carlos and I continue to be and do what we said we would do and we would be. Our priority is the family and our agenda is so varied that it does not include routine. We travel a lot and it gives us time to miss each other. And then there’s the attraction…something that, in Cerezuela’s words “can’t be forced, your boy turns you on or he doesn’t turn you on. And in our case, there is still a lot of chemistry. It’s a matter of skin.”

After a recent concert with Anglada in the cloister of the convent of Santo Domingo in Pollença, Cerezuela decided to take a vacation. “It’s time to relax,” he reasons. And that goes through a family getaway and many days of relaxation on the island… “If anything has given me age, it’s serenity, self-confidence and balance. At 42, I have left behind my regrets and I feel happier than ever.

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