BBVA customers in Spain can sign all banking operations using biometrics

BBVA already allows customers in Spain sign all bank transactions using the biometric data saved on your mobile device, in a fast, safe and comfortable process. This form of authentication improves the user experience and avoids setbacks due to lack of coverage oh location that short messages can cause.

As a novelty, users will be able to use the digital print about are own face to sign banking transactions that until now had to be done by SMS. So now the transfers, the consultation of movements beyond three months or the access to banking via digital channels every 90 days can be processed with the biometric data of each client.

Among the most common operations that BBVA customers carry out, and which can now be carried out in a more agile and secure way with the biometric signature, are the payment in online stores, enable or disable maps oh consult the CVV. Strong points Bizum as the most used function and which allows you to send and receive money from your mobile instantly and for free.

Commitment to security with the digital signature of operations

Since June 2021, BBVA allows its customers in Spain sign different bank transactions using the biometric data stored on your mobile device. A process that also avoids the setbacks that can be generated by the lack of coverage or the attempt at fraud that short messages can cause. It will be the customer himself who will finalize the transaction using these unique and non-transferable values ‚Äč‚Äčthat each person possesses.

In this sense, the bank’s “app” integra FIDO -Fast Identity Online-the latest ‘online’ authentication standard on the market which reinforces the Security of biometric systems. In this way, “online” security is reinforced and access to the “application” is simplified. no need to include numbers or characters. Since its implementation, more than 50% of customers access with biometrics, while 10% of them already sign their transactions using these biometric systems. The entity’s target for 2022 is for around 70% of customers to use this tool to access BBVA.

Under no circumstances does BBVA store or process the biometric information registered by customers on their devices. The financial entity only offers the customer the possibility of taking advantage of this service to carry out banking operations by validating their biometrics carried out by the device itself.

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