Aspas closes the pre-season with a bang

Life does not change for Iago Aspas. The moañés offered a closing festival at the Quinocho Memorial with which Celta closed their pre-season in Balaídos. The Vigo team beat Saudi Al-Shabab 6-0. Five of the goals came from Spain’s top striker today. Blades, effective as we rarely see, stole the show from Gonçalo Paciencia, one of the great attractions of the match and who welcomed his new fans by scoring the first goal of the game in wonderful one-on-one action that started with a dribble high up the big box and an unstoppable shot at the long post.

Fans were pleased with the details they noticed in the Portuguese striker when Iago Aspas took over the scene. As Celta swing the pitch against the willing Saudi side, Moañés He turned each of the clear actions he enjoyed into a goal. One after the other. Like someone who seals documents in an agency. At the break the match was already 3-0 after a first half in which the Coudet box evolved in its handling of the ball. He had also made his debut for his new team Marchesín, but hardly anyone noticed as he only had to save a heads-up.

In the second half there was opportunity for the rest of the footballers to make their first in Balaídos who have just arrived at Celta like Mingueza (whom Coudet used on the right side), Luca de la Torre, Willliot Swedberg and for Coudet, surprisingly, giving career more importance than usual. As well as Gabri Veiga or Miguel Rodríguez, Fran López made his debut for the team, a kid who was in the youth team last season and will initially play for Celta C this season. But while all those things were happening, Iago Aspas was doing his thing. The monologue of the Vigo team almost always ended with a new goal from Moañés that in the second half he added three more goals to close his account with a “repoker” before Coudet sent him to rest with twenty minutes left to end the game. Celta ended the pre-season with 6-0, a result which proves the difference between the two teams but helps to lift the spirits before starting the season. The day after the team steps on Balaídos, the goals will have a much greater value.

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