Are universal machines useful?

Simply explained, diagnosis is verification of all the car’s electronic systems and components. It is done through a specific machine who wears a specialized program identify possible breakdowns or defects collected by the vehicle sensors.

It connects to the car’s electronic control unit, normally to the Oporto OBD (“on-board diagnostics”, for its acronym in English) or, in the most modern, by Bluetooth. With all the data received, they generate reports for analysis and further action.

diagnostic machine and computer

Therefore, in addition to the diagnostic deviceyou will need a laptop who has a specific program to interpret this diagnosis and the technical data of the vehicles.

And it is that before repairing a vehicle, and taking into account the high electronics on board the most modern, you have to know exactly what is happening to it. This is why it will be necessary ‘plug it in’ when a warning light comes on on the instrument panel, in reference to a fault detected on the vehicle. Maybe with reboot switchboardor press a code through the diagnostic machine, it can be solved and a costly visit to the workshop is avoided.

It can also happen that even if the fault is detected, It cannot be fixed with him alone. Software of the machine. Sometimes additional action will be required to more accurately verify the fault. And here another device usually comes into play: the oscilloscope, which works by connecting your test leads to the component damaged to check if you are in communication with the electronic brain of the car.

Diagnosis: what is it and where can it be done?

Obviously, the official dealers these are the most advised diagnose a vehicle. Because they have the machine that the brand recommends and which is specifically calibrated read even the most obscure breakdowns of the car in question.

But you can also perform this task in a independent workshop, where they have machines universal capable of virtually detecting and correcting all failures vehicle. However, the analysis of a The multi-brand diagnostic machine is not as deep and detailed.

In addition to the diagnostic machine, a computer is needed to interpret the data.

Diagnostic devices on the internet

There are also the diagnostic devices anyone can buy online. There are those who serve as simple analysis tool to find out which failure corresponds to the ignition of a witness, with prices starting at around 50 euros. This, yes, they are not very helpful to repair any damage detected.

Its main functionality is identify defects which presents a vehicle, but they are never used to fix it. In addition, its handling is not always easy, the user must therefore have a series of minimum knowledge to use it. And each brand has its own programming, the information offered by one of these devices is therefore limited and may even incorrect result.

Although the price of these devices is not high, using them in the wrong way may cause failures or deprogramming certain functions, some of which are related to security systems. For all these reasons, the best thing to do in case of need is to go to a specialized workshop and rely on the expertise of a professional to perform these tasks.

The price of a professional machine is around 2,000 euros, but it has become one of the essential investments of any workshop that wants to repair modern cars.

When is it convenient to do this?

The use of a diagnostic machine is not limited to when a warning light comes on in the instrument cluster. Sometimes it’s not bad connect it after routine maintenance change fluids and filters. With this you can avoid costly breakdowns.

It won’t take more than a few minutes and the cost, in the whole maintenance, will not be the most important item. Moreover, the normal thing is that there are no errors.

After locate and identify the fault and carry out the repair, replacement or simply cleaning of the part in question, it is necessary to return to connect the vehicle and check that everything is set. Let’s not forget either that a well-done diagnosis makes it possible to carry out repairs, in many cases, no need to replace components, therefore the savings can be very significant.

What failures or faults can it detect and how much does it cost?

With so much electronics in today’s cars, there are practically countless errors which can be detected with a diagnostic machine. But you can also perform, as described, maintenance tasks. Among them you can see, for example and as a preventive measure, the state of health of drums or if the motor is running mixed properly.

And referring to breakdowns, it is possible to locate faults in brakes, the wear of the corks or other parts, as well as loss of gas in the air conditioning or any fault in the engine.

As for its cost, it depends a lot on where or who does it, but It generally oscillates between 200 and 500 euros.

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