Antena 3 wins Friday with the Top 6 most watched on TV and remains unbeatable in Prime Time

Antenna 3 is the first TV for Friday (13.8%) and for Desktop (16.3%), afternoon (14.1%) and Prime Time (14.5%, +2.7 points on his rival). Additionally, Antena 3 achieved the six most-watched shows of the day and TV leaders with Antenna 3 News 1, Antena 3 Deportes, ‘La Roulette de la Suerte’, ‘Pasapalabra’, Antena 3 Noticias 2 and ‘Tierra Amarga’ at the top. Whereas, the sixth (5.4%) beat its rival once again and is the third most watched private channel. Atresmedia TV (27.3%) was proclaimed the top group of the day despite one channel less than its competitor. And in the thematic ranking, Nova gets the most watched series one more day and neox (2.1%), Atreseries (1.9%) y Mega (1.4%) reached their best Friday of the summer.

Antena 3 returns to be the most watched on television this first Friday of August. In the total ranking of shows, Antenna 3 News 1, with Victoria Arnau, is the most watched on television with a 19.8% market share and 1,872,000 viewers, an unbeatable leader. They contacted the news of La Sobremesa +3.1 million unique viewers. Antenna 3 News 2, also with Victoria Arnáu and Ángel Carreira, adds 1,560,000 subscribers and with a share of 20.4%, it is the most competitive news offer of the day. Similarly, the two editions of Antenna 3 Sports They are leaders with 17.4% after lunch and 14.5% in the evening. morning newsis also the leader (18.5%).

Antena 3 also gets the most watched and broadcast programs of the day: ‘The wheel of luck‘ is leading with 1,597,000 viewers and 22%, making yesterday’s show the most-watched of the summer. Add over 3 million unique viewers. ‘Password‘ became the most followed program on Friday with 22.6% and attracted more than 1.5 million followers. The program presented by Roberto Leal also reached the Golden Minute and attracted almost 2.9 million unique viewers, a result with which it maintains its undisputed leadership. For its part, ‘Open kitchen by Karlos Arguinano‘, remains in the lead with 18.5%.

I see how you sing‘ rises in its second week of broadcasting and reaches 11.5%. Additionally, it became the most-watched star show of the night, the only one with over one million viewers (1,027,000). It is the leader with young audiences (4 to 34 years old) and reaches 2.9 million unique viewers.

Excellent results in the afternoon for ‘bitter earth‘ which, this Friday, is again the most watched in the time slot (1,281,000) and leader with 16%. Additionally, fiction achieved three months of uninterrupted leadership, both daily (16%) and weekly (16.4%).

laSexta, 3rd most watched private channel on Friday

the sixth leaves for another week as the 3rd most-watched private channel with 5.4% and again ahead of its direct competitor.

laSexta News 2 p.m. becomes the most watched channel again with 745,000 viewers and 8.7%, with more than 1.2 million unique viewers.

‘Bright red’ sign 7.6%, with more than 2M unique viewers.

Whereas, ‘players‘, ‘zap‘ and ‘better late‘ maintain, one more day, their advantage over their respective competitors.

in themes, Nova (2.6%) achieves the most viewed non-film programs in the thematic ranking with ‘fugitive‘ and ‘Passion for falcons‘. Additionally, he achieves leadership with ‘fugitive‘ (3.5%), ‘Married‘(3.4%)y’the sultan‘ (3.4%). And, this Friday, the broadcast of ‘Pasion of the hawks‘ peaked at 4.4%.

For its part, neox (2.1%), Atreseries (1.9%) y Mega (1.4%), write their best Friday of the summer

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