a very hot night, fire and enemies everywhere

I’m officially out of things I want to do in Minecraft which are worth for a good article. I thought a lot about what the next step in my adventure should be, and enlightenment came to me watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy for the thousandth time. Any adventure worthy of the name must go through exploration, discovery.

Since there wasn’t much left to see in the standard version of Minecraft, I turned my attention to curse, a website that contains a good number of mods. From there, I’ll explore the content the community has created over the years.

Infernal expansion” is a mod that expands the world of the Nether (commonly referred to as Hell) with a plethora of new content: from aesthetic changes and visual improvements to new enemies. Crazy that you can’t even imagine!

I recommend you take a look at the mod official website in Curseforge (after reading this experience, obviously) and the trailer below.

Descend into the underworld of Minecraft

My experience in the “Infernal Expansion” mod has been quite a journey. My fan broke shortly after starting the game. Luck? I do not know. What I do know is that I spent the hottest night of my life playing a Minecraft mod game in hell. I’m dumb.

Absolutely everything was new. I didn’t want to watch all the new content to increase the wow factor and the risk of disaster. After all, it is a kind of “reworking” of the lower world. If it was already screwed up for me in its normal version, anything created by a community of veterans was going to be more difficult.


My first minutes in the new Nether went according to plan: everything Muspelheim taken to Minecraft. There was lava everywhere and a fair amount of bugs that I hadn’t seen in my life.

My intention was not to arrive pulling on this new land like my Spanish ancestors, so I tried to put myself in the place of Alan Grant of jurassic park to study this new Nether remotely. Paraphrase for Dr. Ian Malcolm: Life in Minecraft finds its way.

The first thing that caught my eye was a little creature that I nicknamed “Minecraft Pac-Man”, although his real name is Voline. Kindness was hostile, as were most creatures in the mod. Because making new mobs in Minecraft friendly was not an option! I killed her by pushing her off a nearby cliff while hitting her.

experimental minecraft 5

Voline of Infernal Expansion

Now that he had “fired the first shot”, stripped of all humanity, it was no longer difficult to advance through the Nether Hell. In the end, the conqueror’s Spanish vein came out and the comecoquitos of Minecraft He was my first victim Can you put self-defense aside? I could, but I have zero credibility after going through the entire God of War series.

A few minutes later I found another Voline. This time, my ignorance did not give way to violence, because I was informed and knew that these little creatures are crazy about “Magma Cream”. After giving him a few, the insect grew and began to fall asleep with each bite. It was funny because he was smoking in his head.

As I turned to leave, he attacked me. He left me no choice but to sacrifice him… he bit the hand that fed him so much. Then I learned something I should never have learned: when they die, they drop gold nuggets. There was no more excuse not to kill them.

These are adorable and deadly enemies

Later, I came to an area of ​​narrow canyons with shades of red, turbo-lovable mushroom-like creatures. Her name is Mushrooms, although I called them “setites of death”. They aren’t hostile unless you disturb their house, so this time I was able to get close to see what they were up to and those cute little eyes they have.

experimental minecraft 1

Shroomloin from Infernal Expansion (imagen oficial)

Everything was going relatively well until everything started to go relatively badly. I missed a few missed click and I damaged one of the cubes that make up your house. Then all the cute mushrooms formed a death squad that started attacking me with explosive bullets. If self-defense was dubious before, now I can’t even raise it. I am the worst being in the universe. Neither Thanos it was so cruel.

experimental minecraft 4

Warbeetle from Infernal Expansion (official image)

In the end, I had to run out of this red forest between the canyons until I reached a blue-green forest where I found some beetles. Its original name is Beetle and they are peaceful creatures. I didn’t want to attack them, but a friend (he tried the mod when I recommended it) told me they fly away quickly when hit.

Beautiful outside and rotten inside: death awaits

The beauty and cuteness are over when I leave behind the areas of colorful forests and lava lakes with glowing butterflies. I arrived in an area of ​​black sand where there was nothing. Beings started to come out of the ground to hunt me. The game calls them embodybut in my country, they are zombies: half human bodies fueled by blue flames that crawl towards you to kill you.

experimental minecraft 2

Infernal Expansion Incarnation (official image)

Needless to say I ran out of that area like hell. The heat that night didn’t seem to improve and I wasn’t nervous with so much malrollism.

I continued on my way until I reached an area made up entirely of toca and dotted with a few lava flows. There I encountered the most dangerous bugs so far: basalt giants. I nicknamed them “Kicking Giants”. I took up position in a safe place and watched as these huge beings kicked the magma cubes trying to enter their territory.

experimental minecraft 3

Basalt Giant from Infernal Expansion (official image)

After tasting a good cold gazpacho late at night during saw the spectacle of kicks, I continued my way towards the unknown. I came across several cute but not very interesting creatures.

The last creatures I could see before I died were the Glowsquito and the blind vision, two neutral creatures that gave me a hunting show like few times. The Blindsight (or “jumping stone” for me) uses its colors and lights to attract the Glowsquito (or “mosquito-fly” for me) and drive them away. I admit I saw the scene with the Jurassic Park soundtrack playing in my head.

experimental minecraft 6

Glowsquito and Blindsight from Infernal Expansion

While chasing a Glowsquito, I fell down a ravine into a lava lake and died. No one will sing songs of heroism or great deeds after my death in this expedition of Minecraft mod “Infernal Expansion”. It’s ironic that he’s able to pull off amazing parkour scenes in Assassin’s Creed: Unity and that my destiny Minecraft is most often found at the bottom of a dark well…or ablaze in this case.

If you are bored in Minecraft and want to explore new areas, I recommend you check out the “Infernal Expansion” mod for Minecraft. My experience is just the tip of the iceberg of what it has to offer. If you try it, let me know in the comments what you think.

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