14 iPhone 14 Rumors You May Have Missed

In recent months, we have experienced different iPhone 14 rumors which you probably don’t remember anymore, so we are going to go over everything that has been said so far, things that have been talked about and that could see the light of day with the new mobile.

So far we have seen the most Possible news that the iPhone 14 will bring, for example, technology always on display, although it is not the only one. Although there is nothing confirmed by Apple, the chances of them coming are very high.

Rumors are nothing more than information revealed in recent months that they don’t have much truth or at least there isn’t data to support this rumor, or even that it doesn’t make much sense on a mobile like the iPhone 14, so let’s see -them.

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Released September 16

What is certain is that Giving a launch date for the new iPhone 14 is the least risky, although this does not mean that it will be filled. What seems more than clear is that Apple will choose the fall season to officially present its new phones.

With the iPhone 14, it will try again to achieve sales records as Apple has done so far. The date of September 16 is managed, but for now we have to settle for this rumor and wait to see if it is finally the day chosen by the company.

A more efficient cooling system

Another rumor that has been considered at some point is the likelihood that the iPhone 14, or at least the Pro and Pro Max versions, will have a more efficient cooling systemfor example, with a steam room as we have already seen in other Android terminals.

The truth is that there is not much data on this element, but it would make sense because the new iPhone 14 will be advanced and powerful phones, so something like this would make sense so that the terminals do not heat up excessively when performing demanding tasks and games.

Farewell to the physical SIM

It doesn’t look like the arrival of the iPhone 14 means saying goodbye to those phones at physical YES as we know it. At present, eSIM and nanoSIM coexist in these phones and the rumor about commitment in this regardThe complete disappearance of the first system does not make much sense.

And that’s because not all mobile companies offer eSIM service, so many users would have to switch to a company that does in order to have a mobile line. However, the coexistence between physical and virtual SIM is the most real.

In any case, this does not mean that Apple cannot bet in the future to completely eliminate the SIM card drawer and bet on the eSIM or even the Last namewhile it doesn’t appear to be in the new iPhone 14, it may be in the iPhone 15 or later.

Built-in cameras

The possibility that the iPhone 14’s cameras are flush with the back cover It doesn’t seem like a real option, more like a rumor. In some renders this option has been discovered and at the moment it remains an option with no sign of being a reality, since there is not much more information.

Of course that would be good news, especially for those who protect their phone with cases, as the camera module would be protected, not now that it’s normally flush with the case itself, which many don’t like not and even they buy protection for the camera.

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Image - 14 iPhone 14 rumors you may have missed

Touch ID on the screen

Far is the possibility that one of the iPhone 14 models has Touch ID in one of its possible modalities, either under the screen or on the physical button on the side. At one point, this option was handled, but it’s still just another rumor.

It seems more than clear that Apple will continue to bet firmly on its Face ID as a security method, At least in the iPhone 14 the same does not happen in the iPads, since we have seen how some newer models include it precisely in the power button.

Will Apple test a Touch ID on this button on iPads to implement it on iPhones in the future? Who knows, what is clear is that these are very different options, some users prefer Touch ID (which we left in the iPhone 8) and others Face ID.

Periscope style camera

Already in 2021 there was talk at some point that the iPhone 14 or one of the more advanced models could equip a powerful main camera with a periscope sensor to expand the phone’s optical zoom capabilities and provide better photos.

This possibility is almost excluded for the iPhone 14, although it is true that the iPhone 14 will receive better cameras, but this would suppose delays due to certain problems. To see this sensor, you will probably have to wait until 2023 with the arrival of the possible iPhone 15.

LPDDR5 type memory

Another of the iPhone 14 rumors is that they would use a new memory technology, in particular the LPDDR5 type, but again unconfirmed. Maybe they bet on it, but it’s not something we officially know, it will be through an iPhone 14 disarm.

The RAM memory as well as the capacity of the batteries are data that Apple does not offer in its presentations, and at a time when different professional companies are dedicated to opening the bowels of the iPhone 14 to find out how much and what type of RAM they equip.

2 TB internal storage

It was also considered at some point in recent months possibility that the highest storage option is 2 TB. This is just another rumor that Apple is surely not complying for various reasons which we will explain below.

One of them is that you already have different planes of iCloud which could complete the maximum interior space which we found on an iPhone, which is 1TB. This massive amount of space takes a long time to arrive unless you’re shooting a lot of 4K video.

A normal user would take a long time to fill up this storage, so it wouldn’t make sense to launch a version with more space, moreover, having large iCloud storage plans as an add-on, the 2TB d space don’t make much sense.

satellite connection

We also don’t expect to see a new form of connection in the new iPhone 14, the satellite connection which has also been mentioned in some rumors. Fundamentally, would allow calls to be made at times when there is no coverage.

This would be very useful in case of emergency when something is happening in very remote places and there is no mobile coverage. It’s a rumor that seems to stay there, much has been said about this option, but it does not seem that it will be a reality in the new range of phones.

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USB-C port replacing Lightning

Apple could take the opportunity to permanently replace its Lightning connector with USB-C, but we are not expected to see this important novelty either, so the new iPhone 14 would continue to bet on the inclusion of the Lightning port as has happened so far.

Therefore, it remains as another rumor among those known that not all the securities will end up being fulfilled, although this does not mean that Apple is going to abandon this option, being able to definitely bet on USB-C in its next iPhone 15 or as called.

Total absence of notch

Another rumor that is virtually dismissed is the no notch on all iPhones, that is, the presence of an iPhone with a screen without this element. Face ID seems to be the technology that prevents this from being possible and somehow there will be a notch or something similar.

We have already seen the possible screen models of each of the different iPhone 14 and at least two of them do without the notch, the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max. However, the other two would have this element to include this technology and other sensors.

Therefore, although it looks like it will be phased out in two models, the total absence if the previous leak is true is just another rumor what is excluded as we have discussed, we may already have to wait for the new generations to see changes in this regard.

Image - 14 iPhone 14 rumors you may have missed

An innovative and different design

Nor does it appear that the rumors of a renewed design for the iPhone 14 it will be filled. What seems more than clear is that the same design line of the iPhone 13 will be followed, with the only differences in the screens with the presence and absence of the notch.

We are talking about a significant change in design, not improvements in appearance, as happened with the iPhone 13, which recovered the brushstrokes of the old models to offer a body with more square lines and less curves. The first is practically excluded.

Same price as iPhone 13

Another aspect that is almost completely ruled out is that the iPhone 14 has the same prices as when the iPhone 13 went on sale. In the case of more advanced and recent terminals, added to the current situation of inflation and the like, it seems that this will not happen.

That’s to say, we will have a more expensive iPhone 14 in generalthen going to have to scrape the pocket a little more. Moreover, we already have a precedent when Apple has raised the price of the iPhone 13 in a certain country recently, so an equal price on the iPhone 14 is a utopia.

Titanium as a material for the iPhone 13

It has also been mentioned at some point over the past few months that possibility that Apple bet on the inclusion of titanium as a material for its iPhone 14at least in a small part of the devices such as the edges, but it does not seem that it can be finally so.

And it is that this could increase the final price of the device because it’s an expensive material and surely Apple isn’t worth working with. The safest possibility is that the iPhone 14 has the same materials as the iPhone 13, so another rumor is ruled out.

Some of them iPhone 14 rumors, although these are remote possibilities, they do not have to be fulfilled, so do not exclude some such as the release date. Surely we have to wait for iPhone 15 to see if many more are filled.

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