what awaits the Asturian rider in the remaining 10 GPs of the season

Fernando Alonso blow up the team Alpine. After a year and a half of waiting for them to keep their promises, tired of disrespect and, above all, affectionthe Spaniard broke the agreement he had with them to renew and, after negotiating behind his back for months, signed with Aston Martin.

Alonso’s decision has revealed much more than just the sportsman who concerns him. Otmar Szafnauerthe main culprit (not the only one) of this divorce, was totally portrayed by a disastrous management of what happened.

Not just for lying when he said the pilot was on a yacht in the Greek islandsbut because of how Oscar Piastriwhich was his big bet, gave him another stab: he has not signed with them and is waiting for the lawyers to resolve the situation so that the call of McLaren allows him to exchange Enstone for Woking.

From all this week, with all the actors involved, Alpine is the one who, by far, has emerged as the big loser.

Alonso laughs at Alpine

On the tumultuous Tuesday in which Alpine announced the promotion of Piastri only for the Aussie to deny it, Alonso was a spectator at the luxury distance. exactly at the same time in which the still alpine tester broke the internet denying he was going to race with the France team, Alonso shared a video in his stories from the San Francisco Park in Oviedoa kind of “proof of life” in which he makes it very clear that, despite what Szafnauer says, I was not on a yacht.

It’s just a sample of what Alonso is going to do this year. The Spanish driver has guaranteed a seat for 2023 and it won’t be the one in blue and pink that disappointed him so much, not just because the car is not as promised, but because there are no signs of improvement.

Alonso will become an enemy at home, uncomfortable for his family and that he will only run for himself. Unlike two boyfriends who separate for the holidays but predict a romantic reunion, when the pilot and his bosses meet in Belgium it will not be nice.

Alpine forced to swallow Alonso’s toad

That Alonso does not wear the “black leg” pieces, no one doubts it. If a suspension, a new fender or a new “trick” works, it will go into the car from Stephen Ocon. The French pilot will not have to hold back at all, Even though I haven’t done it until nowsince the Spaniard will only be his partner for the next 10 races: now, Alonso will be another rival. Maybe the one you want to overcome the most.

In the meantime, Alpine has no choice but to hang on and help the Spanish driver, if he knows what is good for him. They are in the middle of a fight with McLaren to be the Constructors’ World Cup fourth team, with the subsequent difference in economic income that accompanies ending the year in that position or further behind. Without Alonso’s points it will be much more difficult, so they won’t be able to leave him without developments or without giving him a minimum of resources that will allow him to fight for the upper middle area of ​​the grid.

Szafnauer will have to think very hard if it suits you to be angry even more to an Alonso who in just four days turned him into little more than a ridiculous “meme”, even above a Ferrari whose disaster in Hungary was completely concealed by the implosion of Alpine.

There are ten Grands Prix left before the end of the 2022 season and, given what he has achieved, there are serious doubts that the Anglo-French team boss will act as he should. Right now, there’s a question on the table: How will Szafnauer succeed in blowing up Alonso’s relationship with Alpine?

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