US declares monkeypox a state health emergency

The monkey pox It continues to spread internationally and countries’ efforts to prevent its spread are not enough.

In United Statess the situation continues to deteriorate and in light of this, President Joe Biden has decreed the national health emergency. From SGD They already declared monkeypox as an international emergency on July 23.

This declaration of national emergency will enable an agile response in the country, where distribute funds and other resources to try to stop the spread of this virus, the main symptoms of which are fever, swollen glands, difficulty breathing, headaches, muscle aches, pustules and fever.

Only a small percentage of those infected require hospitalization, but severe cases can lead to death, especially in people with other illnesses or conditions.

The first states in the country to declare monkeypox a national emergency were California, followed by New York and Illinois. The United States is the countries with the most cases confirmed and active worldwide, with about 7,000, despite a lower incidence than, for example, Spain, due to the large number of inhabitants of the American country. The states of Washington, New York and Georgia have the highest concentration of cases.

Xavier Becerra, secretary of health and human services, announced the emergency declaration while Biden continues to be isolated after a relapse due to covid where he again tested positive. This Tuesday, August 2 Joe Biden appointed two persons responsible for the coordination of state response monkeypox, and it was Becerra who announced that “we are ready to take our response to the next level to fight this virus and urge all Americans to take monkeypox seriously.”

No deaths reported

The United States did not record no death due to monkey pox. have been undertaken vaccination campaigns and although on a smaller scale than in the case of the coronavirus, 1.1 million full doses have been made available so far, enough to start immunizing 550,000 citizens. The special one vaccine available this is the one made by Bavarian Nordic, known as Jynneos, which comes in two doses.

Now, with the declaration of the state of emergency, vaccines and treatments for this disease will be acquired and distributed more easily, in addition to being able to prevent contagion more quickly and facilitate data collection.

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