Tinnitus, the new side effect associated with one of the covid vaccines

A health worker prepares a dose of the covid vaccine. / EFE

The Spanish Medicines Agency has included in its latest pharmacovigilance report the conclusions of the European Medicines Committee on the side effects of the AstraZeneca vaccine

Ruth Rodero

Since the beginning of the vaccination against covid, they have not stopped revealing
new side effects different vaccines. The latest that the Spanish Medicines Agency warns about is tinnitus and it is associated with AstraZeneca.

Tinnitus is called buzzing or ringing that is heard in one or both ears, without any external sound causing it. Some viruses, such as covid, by congesting the mucous membranes cause an accumulation of fluid behind the eardrums.

According to Health, tinnitus is not a disease, but a symptom derived from a health condition affecting hearing or an adverse drug reaction. They explain that it can appear after the administration of Vaxzervria, with a frequency of less than 1 in 100 vaccinated people, so it is a rare side effect.

In Spain, until July 10, 2022, 119 tinnitus reports had been recorded after the administration of Vaxzevria and approximately 9.8 million doses of this vaccine had been administered.

Other Side Effects of Vaccines

So far, Health has published the 16th covid-19 vaccine pharmacovigilance report and the document presents different reactions observed after receiving the third dose of Moderna and

The most reported adverse effects after the third injection of the Pfizer vaccine are:

– Lymphadenopathy (30%)

-Pirexia (20%)

– Headaches (10%)

– Myalgia (8%)

-Discomfort (7%)

– Fatigue (6%)

-Pain in the vaccination area (4%)

-Chills (4%)

– Arthralgia (3%)

-Axillary pain (3%)

In contrast, the most common symptoms recorded in the study after the third dose of the vaccine
Modern son:

-Pirexia (34%)

– Headaches (18%)

– Lymphadenopathy (16%)

-Myalgia (12%)

-Discomfort (9%

-Pain in the vaccination area (9%)

-Nausea (8%)

– Fatigue (8%)

– Arthralgia (7%)

– Chills (6%)

In the meantime, it’s already on the table
fourth dose of the vaccine. More than three million people over the age of 80 and residents of retirement homes will be able to receive the fourth dose of the covid-19 vaccine in autumn or winter, according to the autonomous communities, since this puncture may coincide with the flu vaccine. as agreed in July by the Public Health Commission.

This body, in which representatives of the Ministry of Health and Autonomy participate, has finally set a date for a request that Europe has been formulating since April, when European health institutions recommended that countries start inoculating the second puncture of reinforcement before the possibility of a new wave of covid which finally arrived in June and July.

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