This feature will prevent your WhatsApp profile from being stolen

Privacy and security are two of the main concerns of messaging apps like WhatsApp. This particular app has been adding new security features to its system for a long time now to make accounts much more secure. A new feature in this area is currently being tested in the beta version of the Meta app, and with it the security of accounts will increase in level. We tell you more about this new function.

The new feature reinforces one of WhatsApp’s weakest points in terms of security. As we will see below, this new WhatsApp feature will add more security when activating the account on a new device.

One more feature for WhatsApp security

As you surely know, nowadays a telephone number is necessary to be able to activate WhatsApp. It is necessary because when we try to log in with our account, the application will automatically send us an SMS with a code that we must enter to use the application. We have already told you that the application is working on a new connection method in which instead of an SMS we will receive a quick phone call, but this function has not yet reached the final version of the application.

This way of logging in is relatively secure, but if someone manages to get the SMS code, they can keep our entire WhatsApp account. Currently, when we request this code in the application to be able to activate WhatsApp, only a message will appear on the mobile where the account was active informing of this request, but as we say It is a simple warning with which we will be able to do absolutely nothing..

With this new feature that WhatsApp is already testing in its beta, things are about to change. Thanks to this new function, the old mobile where the WhatsApp account is active you will receive a notification asking the user if they want to move their WhatsApp account to another phone. This notification, unlike the one we currently have in the application, must be accepted by the user, otherwise the account will not be activated on the new mobile.

The best thing about this new function is that in addition to the message and allowing us to accept or reject the change of mobile, it will also give us some information on when and how this mobile change takes place. Everything seems to indicate that we will be able to see in the notification the time at which the attempt to change takes place, as well as the model of device that requests it (at least in theory, since it does not yet appear in the function ).

As we always tell you with this type of news, this function is currently in the development phase, which is why it is only available for users who enjoy the beta version of WhatsApp. The rest of the users will still have to wait a bitalthough the appearance of this type of function in the Meta messaging application is undoubtedly great news.

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