the return of the space butcher king

More than 35 years, six films and even a legal battle for their exploitation rights have descended since the director John McTiernan there Arnold Schwarzenegger introduce ourselves one of the most iconic monsters of modern cinema: a throat click and a heat map was enough to raise the cinematic myth category to yaultja, aliens and protagonists of “Predator” (1987). The superior race of space predators, since then, has become a useful resource for its parent society, this same 20th century fox which was sold to a Disney debuting this week on its streaming platform “Predator: in the press” (“Prey”), the last film in the franchise.

after the sound business failure and review of the latest installment in 2018 — the merits of the film by Shane Black were overshadowed by the controversy over having multiple sexual abuse convicts on the tech team—the House of Mouse put the Hunter King franchise in the hands of the director Dan TrachtenbergFamous for 10 Cloverfield Street and responsible for episodes of “Black Mirror” oh “The boys”. The idea, as in his talisman film, is once again crazy: starting from an initial scenario which had nothing to do with the “predator” and which transported us to the daily life of an 18th century Amerindian tribe, the film introduces us to the first of the yaultja to set foot on planet Earth, an explorer, almost a colonizer, of what will come later.

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