The injury without closure between Messi and Barcelona

The ten. Three paragraphs. A declaration. A painful farewell. New shirt, other colors, change of house. And an unhealed wound.

On August 5 of last year, an era came to an end, perhaps the most glorious stage Barcelona have ever known. The Blaugrana club has never fattened its prize list and its showcases as much as at this time. It can be considered the moment of maximum splendor due to the brilliance of the game and worldwide admiration. Four Champions Leagues, ten leagues, seven Copas del Rey and three Club World Cups have arrived, among other trophies, all linked to the left foot of an Argentine footballer who signed on a towel, who made his debut as a only a minor and did not stop until he arrived. the man who has defended the Blaugrana jersey the most times.

Goodbye with a statement

On August 5 of last year an era came to an end, perhaps the most glorious stage that Barcelona have known

The happy story seemed endless. Until it could not break a burofax the year 2020 exploded in the air when no one imagined. On August 5, 2021, a meeting had been scheduled at the club’s premises. Jorge Messi was called up for the sole purpose of signing the renewal (technically, a re-signing) of his son for five years. The signature was never put on the contract despite the fact that the two sides reached an agreement and it was Leo’s wish.

It could not be “formalised due to economic and structural obstacles”. In other words, it was impossible to sign him up due to the club’s financial crisis and LaLiga fair play. “Given this situation, Lionel Messi will not continue to be linked to FC Barcelona,” the letter read.

There were those who thought it was a ploy by Joan Laporta, a way of trying to pressure Javier Tebas into lowering his demands and not letting the big star of his tournament slip away. But no. There was no bottom.

This time there was no hole card, no ace in the sleeve, no Laportian touch. There was no need to read between the lines. It was time to embrace the literalness of words. no one would shout “Let them learn!” .

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On the contrary. Since that day, Messi has felt that the president for whom he himself voted on March 7, 2021 he hadn’t exhausted all options but had given up. “The club is above everything, including the best player in history. I am sad, but I am convinced that we are doing our best for the future of Barcelona,” Laporta explained. However, something broke in between, as seen three days later with a cold greeting just before crying at the lectern in front of the world. He himself didn’t understand what was happening to him.”It’s the hardest moment of my career, more than all the defeats. This is the end. It’s the club that I love and I feel sad, a lot”, collapsed the former Blaugrana captain.

He hadn’t scored so few goals since 2005-06

The Argentinian remained at 11 goals (three doubled). And he was eliminated from the Champions League in the second round in March at the Bernabeu

This is where the nostalgia began, the sidelong glances and the most dystopian season. For Leo Messi, for Barca and for their fans, who saw around a week later (August 15) the Parc des Princes in Paris cheering for the Argentinian.

Neither was fine without the other. Barcelona hadn’t played in Europe’s second competition since the 2003-04 academic year. Less than seven months after being knocked out by Celtic in UEFA, Messi made his debut. The Blaugrana squad, with the Argentine in the squad, has only been empty once. Without him, he returned to the Europa League and won nothing, like in 2006-07. Life without Messi is difficult. “We are in the post-Messi era. I was the first to aspire to win titles, but no. Without Leo everything is more difficult. You have to be realistic, calm and patient,” corroborated Xavi, the replacement from Koeman.

The Europa League

Barcelona hadn’t played in Europe’s second competition since the 2003-04 academic year, just before Messi’s debut

In his new start, Messi chose 30, his first number at Camp Nou, and he won (the French League), but he didn’t shine. The Argentinian remained at 11 goals (three doubled). He hadn’t scored so few goals in a season since 2005-06. And he was knocked out of the Champions League in the round of 16 in March at the Bernabeu by Real Madrid. A disappointment that prompted PSG supporters to blame him and Neymar and whistle him. Unheard of in Barcelona.

natural that the two parties, dissatisfied, try to reconcile the positions. Leo, 35, has a year left on his contract – for the first time he will have a coach who doesn’t speak Spanish – and he is excited about the Albiceleste and the World Cup in Qatar, three months from now. After don’t close the door to come back. Whereas, Laporta feels indebted to the ten. He owes him a huge tribute. Why not a whole year? Xavi, on the bench, supports him. A year later, the wound has not closed well.

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