The formula to prepare the arrival of Luis Alberto in Seville

“For the second year in a row, he has expressed his desire to end his career in Spain, in Seville more precisely. I don’t know if I will have him here at the beginning of September. He is an intelligent boy, a great player, with great character. Maybe a bit peculiar”. These were the words of Lazio coach Maurizio Sarriin an interview with Corriere dello Sport in reference to Luis Alberto and that yesterday they toured Seville. Still in Rome, where the farewell of the footballer from San José del Valle is getting closer and closer, whose only wish is to return to Seville Football Club.

Despite everything, the operation is far from easy, due to the claims of a Lazio who renewed Luis Alberto two years ago with a contract until June 30, 2025 and because it is not, at the moment, a priority for monchibut rather an opportunity to jump on it when the defense is already closed as long as Lazio’s tough negotiating president, Claudio LotitoLower your expectations.

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