Terelu Campos tells THE TRUTH about his friendship with José Ortega Cano and protects Rocío Carrasco

Terelu Campos stopped ‘Sálvame’ to speak clearly about the friendship he has with José Ortega Cano after the harsh revelations that his “sister”, Rocío Carrasco, discovers about him

Rocío Carrasco reveals an unknown and dark facet of Jose Ortega Cano since breaking her decades-long silence in ‘Rocío, tell the truth to stay alive’, and now continues in ‘In the name of Rocío’. His narration, which focuses on the marriage of a former right-hander with his mother, Rocío Jurado, puts even more pressure on the extreme situation that Gloria Camila’s father is experiencing with Ana María Aldón. In episode 8 of his new docu-series, Rocío Carrasco gives more details onJosé Ortega Cano’s problems and his “unacceptable” behaviorwhich led his mother to consider separation.Terelu Campos She felt challenged by everything the person she considers her “sister” reveals about the right-hander, with whom she has been friends for years. What is the real relationship between them? The daughter of María Teresa Campos has finally dispelled the doubts.

The friendship between Terelu and Ana María Aldón’s husband was born many years ago. First, on a personal level, due to the relationship between her family and Rocío Jurado, her daughter and her environment, and other people in common; and later also sharing a set on occasion. The harmony that has been maintained over time is so good that the extorero named it “Teru”. “He calls me that and a lot of friends call me that because of him,” she says.

After Rocío Carrasco revealed an unfavorable facet of who the eldest husband was, Terelu insisted on explaining why, despite everything that the person she considers to be her “sister” from the Right-Handed Elder, he continues to maintain his friendship. The presenter was candid and said: “I have sufficient reasons not to have a relationship with Ortega Cano”. Despite everything, it is by a “personal decision” that he continues to maintain frequent and cordial contact with him.

“I have always greeted Ortega Cano with affection, I have put aside all the knowledge that I have, the things that I know, and it has always been a magnificent relationship”, he underlined, “but I have enough reasons not to have a relationship with him.” Terelu has made it clear that this will continue to be the case, in terms of “love, affection and respect”, and He made a point of specifying that he was never criticized nor aroused distrust towards “the person who matters most to me in this matter, nor in his environment”.

Terelu refers to Rocío Carrasco, her husband Fidel Albiac and the rest of the family who support her, whom she dissociates and clarifies that they never pushed her to change her sympathies towards Ana María Aldón’s husband. “Nobody forbade me and nobody suggested it to me. Never in my life have I had a but from her or her environment censored me. I will always speak about Ortega Cano only because of the relationship I had with him”, he finally condemned.

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