Telecinco gives hints about the second competitor of “Nightmare in El Paraíso”, which will be announced in “Deluxe”

luxury friday will unveil on August 5 the name of the second competitor of nightmare in paradisethe new reality tv show Telecinco in which a group of celebrities will live together for a time on a farm. Pee Estrada is currently the only confirmed competitor of the 16 who will participate in the program.

Terelu Campos, for 'Viva la vida':

Terelu Campos, for ‘Viva la vida’: “I am concerned about the employment situation of my colleagues, and I include my daughter”

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The Mediaset channel has already offered some clues to the identity of the aforementioned persons with a letter written by him or her: “Dear family. I go to El Paraíso leaving accounts pending, but I deserve to start from scratch. I’m eager to arrive ! You know I love nature! I hope you’re proud of me if I’m a foreman, I’m not bad at running businesses, huh? I will miss you”.

We will have to wait for the release of luxury friday to find out who it is, since Telecinco has opted for the strategy of announcing the names with a dropper in the various programs of the network, thus generating a stream of titles that serve to promote this reality show which, for essence, transfers the dynamics of survivors there Big brother to a breeding environment in which it is difficult to imagine competitors.

Pipi Estrada became this Wednesday the first official competitor of nightmare in paradise. His name was announced in Save mea program he has collaborated with again since leaving it a decade ago.

It will be ‘Nightmare in Paradise’, with Lara Álvarez and Carlos Sobera

nightmare in paradise This will be the great professional opportunity of Lara Alvarezafter years as a co-host of survivors. The Asturian, who precisely this Thursday 28 had even more importance when delivering the check to Alexander Grandson winner of the format, he will be in charge of the weekly galas for this new reality show.

In addition, it will transfer the daily life of coexistence on the farm to the spaces of access prime time who will be part of the TV coverage of the contest.

Charles Sovereignthat we saw one more year in Survivors: No Man’s Landwill be in charge of directing the weekly debates of the format, in which the most outstanding moments will be analyzed with the interventions of different collaborators and relatives and friends of the candidates.

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