Szafnauer has his guide: “Ocon can lead Alpine”

    Alpine continues to search for a partner for Esteban Ocon. With the departure of Fernando Alonso, there is a void on the other side of the garage. Piastri was in the best position to cover his loss, but he has a signed pre-agreement with McLaren and everything points to him going there. Webber and the Australian pilot played their cards and won the match. Alpine went from three drivers to one, due to poor management by its leader. The only rider who has always had continuity in the team is Frenchman Ocon. F1’s leading analysts agree on one point: they consider him the least gifted of the trio who in theory would represent the team in Formula 1. However, Otmar Szafnauer thinks otherwise and considers him the leader of team.

    Both talent and Pérez, tenacity and leadership

    Fernando Alonso already has his future secured for the next three years. It will always be him who will decide his future. Comply with what has been signed until 2025 or leave if the “mission” does not work with Aston Martin, while Oscar Piastri refuses to continue with Alpine. Szafanuer stays with Ocon and practically gives him the keys to the team, he claims he is a great talent and capable of leading the project. “ He’s a tough driver. Same for Ferdinand. IsTeban is a great talent. He can lead the team and he will surely get better and better. He already has a victory under his belt and this year he also scored good points for us. And next year you will have learned even more.s”, explains the boss.

    He knows him well from their years together in what was Force India, where he shared a box with the Mexican Pérez. “I worked with him at Force India, it was when Sergio Pérez was his teammate. He was as fast as Sergio and also a tough driver‘, he continues to recall.

    Comparisons, as they say, are often odious. And it is so. Esteban Ocon against Fernando Alonso. A double champion with almost 100 podiums and 32 victories cannot be compared to a pilot who won only one victory when the Spaniard of his age had already won the two world championships. For this reason, Otmar Szafnauer avoids comparing them. “The same goes for Fernando, who has the ability and talent to get a lap out of the car very quickly. Esteban, on the other hand, needs a bit more time to get the most out of the car. But after all, he is there on Saturday and Sunday. So he still has to learn to get there a bit faster, but we’re working with him on that.“, concludes Szafnauer.

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