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Such as we reported earlier this week, The Pokemon Company published today Wednesday a new pokemon presents.

In 19 minutes, they reviewed all the new games in the franchise, from the Pokémon World Cup, which will be held this month, to a section dedicated to Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet, which are coming to Nintendo Switch in November. .

Pokemon World Championship 2022

Through a video, the Global Esports Director and Event Organizer of The Pokémon Company International, Chris Browngave more details about Pokemon World Championship 2022the franchise’s global games taking place August 18-21 in London.

After three years, it is held in person again, and among the main new features are the first Pokémon GO and Pokémon UNITE tournaments. This edition’s exclusive trophy design has been unveiled, which features Pikachu, along with World Cup-themed merchandising.

World Cup streaming can be seen all over the world, where more information will be delivered in the coming weeks.

Pokemon GO

respect to Pokemon GObegan by talking about their face-to-face live events, where creatures known as Ultra Beasts have appeared at all Pokémon GO Festival 2022 events and will also be seen during Pokémon GO Festival. Pokémon GO 2022: Closingwhich will take place on August 27.

The latter will be a global event designed for Trainers around the world to enjoy wherever they are and which will feature shaymin as the featured pokemon. They also mentioned the daily adventure incensewhich are already available.

Pokemon UNITE

TiMi Studios’ MOBA celebrates its first anniversary with the arrival of Buzzwole and a new fast-paced battle mode: Pika Pika fight, available between today and tomorrow. In the latter mode, everyone will fight as Pikachu.

Pokemon Master EX

With the third anniversary fast approaching, players can celebrate by trying out the new Trainers’ Lounge feature. They also showed footage of a battle against Red from Gold/Silver/Crystal that would take place in the world of Pokemon Master EXas well as special black and white events.

Pokemon Cafe Remix

Under the name “The Return of Mewtwo”, players will have another chance to add the Pokemon to their squads. Starting today, a special campaign will start that will allow you to get Latias.

Later you can get Latios.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Over 9 minutes, they showed more of the new open-world RPGs, Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Purple. In addition to confirming its release date of November 18 this year, the new installment showed several new features, such as the region name (Paldea), to the new terms.

A new trailer has also been presented, which summarizes a bit of what we will see in this adventure.

Additionally, The Pokémon Company released a statement with the full information, which you can read below:

Welcome to Paldea!

Players will begin their adventure in Paldea, a vast region filled with lakes, high peaks, wastelands, and rugged mountain ranges. A multitude of dwellers and Pokémon co-exist in their various locations, where they can be found from thriving farming communities to a port town with a bustling marketplace. Additionally, there are Pokemon all over Paldea. They can be seen in every corner of the region’s vast natural landscapes: from treetops to rivers.

The main town, Ciudad Meseta, is located right in the center of Paldea. And that’s where players will find the Orange Academy or Grape Academy. In Pokemon Scarlet there Pokemon Purplethe academy’s name, crest, uniforms, and other details will vary depending on the version of the game.

This time, the Pokédex will be a SmartRotom app. Players will have the full map of the region on their device, where they can see their location at all times. It will also give you access to all sorts of information, such as nearby towns, Pokémon Centers, and wild Pokémon.

The phenomenon of teracrystallization

This curious phenomenon only occurs in the Paldea region and causes Pokémon to glow like sparkling gems. When a Pokémon teracrystallizes, a Teracrystal Jewel appears on its head like a crown, and its body shimmers like a gemstone.

In Paldea, all Pokémon can be tera-crystallized to gain a special power, allowing players to improve their strategies in battle by increasing the power of moves that match their Pokémon’s teratype. There are 18 types in all, so the combinations of Pokémon and teratypes are endless.

Players will only be able to teracrystallize a Pokémon once in each battle, and its transformation will last until the end of the battle. To do this, you will need a Teracrystal Orb, which you will need to recharge after each use. They can do this by touching crystals that emit Teracrystal energy or at a Pokémon Center.

The Teraraids

In Pokemon Scarlet there Pokemon Purple, players will be able to battle wild Teracrystalline Pokémon in groups of up to four people. You will be able to search for companions through the Teraraid option and choose to recruit allies or join other players in your Teraraid. To participate in a teraincursion with acquaintances, you will need to enter the corresponding code. This battle format has a time limit and allows players to attack over and over again without having to wait for others to decide what to do on their turn.

The Poképortal and the Circle of Union

In Pokemon Scarlet there Pokemon Purpleit will be possible to exchange and face Trainers from all over the world via the Poképortal.

  • Exchanges: The online trade available on the Poképortal allows players to trade Pokémon with the person of their choice. With Magic Trade, you can randomly select a Pokemon and trade with anyone in the world.
  • Fight: With the Poképortal’s online battle option, players will be able to battle other Pokémon trainers.

Additionally, thanks to the Union Circle, which is also available through the Poképortal, players will be able to explore the area with up to three of their friends.

The inhabitants of the Paldea region

  • Eyelet: He is the director of the academy and will be in charge of explaining to the players how everything works.
  • Having dinner: He is a Pokémon biology expert and the developer of the SmartRotom Pokédex app. He will also be the player’s guardian.
  • Damian: He is one step ahead of the academy protagonist. She is good at cooking and looks for healthy recipes that can help Pokémon.
  • Noah: She is somewhat reserved and, for some reason, does not attend classes very often.
  • Grusha, manager of the Sierra Napada gymnasium: Grusha was engaged in snowboard professionally, but is now a full-time Sierra Napada Gym Leader. He is an expert on Ice-type Pokemon and has Cetitan as his partner.

New Pokemon revealed

In addition to the new regional varieties that appear both in Pokemon Scarlet as in Pokemon Purplethere will be species which will vary depending on the version of the game. For example, Larvitar and Stonjourner are exclusive to Pokemon Scarletwhile Bagon and Eiscue appear only in Pokemon Purple.


Fidough’s moist, delicate skin has elastic qualities and is both firm and smooth. When excited, this Pokémon intimidates opponents by bulking up to appear larger. Fidough ferments things around him with the yeast on his breath. Since it is used for cooking, people have always protected it.

  • Category: pokemon pup
  • Type: Combine
  • Height: 0.3m
  • Lester: 10.9kg
  • Aptitude: own pace

Paldea Wooper

In ancient times, Wooper lived in the waters of the Paldea region. But after losing a territorial dispute, he was forced to live on the mainland. To survive in this new environment, he developed a toxic mucous membrane with which to protect his body. Their gills have hardened over time from living out of water. Its body is heavy, so it moves slowly, but it can protect itself by squirting poisonous liquid from its gills.

  • Category: poison fish pokemon
  • Type: Poison and Earth
  • Height: 0.4m
  • Lester: 11.0kg​
  • Aptitude: Point toxic or absorb water


Cetitan developed strong muscles to be able to support the weight of his enormous body. Because of this, his physical attacks are incredibly powerful. Its thick layer of subcutaneous fat allows it to migrate between different frozen regions sheltered from the cold.

  • Category: Pokémon Geoballena
  • Type: Ice
  • Height: 4.5 meters
  • Lester: 700.0kg
  • Aptitude: Sebum or snowplow

Discovery of new forms of the legendary Pokémon Koraidon and Miraidon

During their adventure, players will encounter one of two Legendary Pokémon, Koraidon or Miraidon, and from there they will travel together. Koraidon and Miraidon are shrouded in mystery, and their power would surpass that of any other Pokemon. They both have the ability to transform depending on the circumstances or terrain they find themselves on.

  • Racing physiognomy/riding mode: With Koraidon’s Racing Physique or Miraidon’s Driving Mode, players will be able to navigate the vast landscapes of the region more easily.
  • Swim/Float Mode Physiognomy: Trainers will be able to dive into the vibrant rivers, lakes, and oceans to get up close with the Pokémon that live in these habitats or traverse their most dangerous stretches in the blink of an eye with Koraidon’s swimming physiognomy or the float mode of Miraidon.
  • Glide Physiognomy/Glide Mode: Players will be able to jump off mountains, towering ravines or tall buildings and glide towards their destination.

Additional giveaways announced

Pikachu is special

during the purchase Pokemon Scarlet oh Pokemon Purple For the first few months, players will receive a very special Pikachu as a gift.

This Pikachu has two particularities:

  • He knows the Fly move, which he normally cannot learn.
  • It’s a flying teratype.

Players will be able to receive it by going to the Mystery Gift menu and selecting the Receive Online option before Tuesday, February 28, 2023.

adventure game

Players who download the digital version of Pokemon Scarlet oh Pokemon Purple on the Nintendo eShop before Tuesday, February 28, 2023, you can receive a code to get the Adventure Set.

  • 10 drinks
  • 5 cura in total
  • 3 revive
  • 3 Ether
  • 1 rare candy
  • 1 nugget

Gift for the purchase of the Double Pack

As a gift to buy Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Purple Double Pack, players will receive two codes (one for each game) which they can redeem for 100 Poké Balls each.

You can watch the full video below:

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