Rocío Carrasco reveals the “grotesque and disgusting” situation she experienced with her family in Houston

The eighth episode of In the name of Rocio is now available on Mitele PLUS and focuses on Rocío Jurado’s second income in Houston after undergoing emergency surgery in early 2006, a new bump in which they were together with the singer Rocio CarrascoFidel Albiac, José Ortega Cano, Amador and Gloria Mohedano, as well as their respective partners, Rosa Benito and José Antonio.

The protagonist of the docuseries says that after Christmas and after recording the gala for dew always, his mother began to feel uneasy and decided to go to a hospital in Texas where he had been treated for pancreatic cancer. There they tell him that a scar from the previous operation is pressing on his portal vein and that they need to operate urgently.

Even if everything went well in the operating room, the singer had a bacterial infection for which she ended up being intubated in intensive care a few days later. Thus, his relatives moved to Houston on February 14 to accompany him in this new admission.

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According to Rocío Carrasco in the documentary, this return to Houston was “a turning point for [Rocío Jurado] began to make her realize that something was changing inside her“. The daughter of ‘The greatest’ assures that her mother has started “sending subliminal messages” to show her support for her daughter and her husband, Fidel Albiac. “By approving us, she separates the others from certain things,” says Rocio.

In this way, Carrasco believes his mother was trying”undo the things you knew you didn’t do well“Despite this, there were things that did not change and a situation continued to be experienced that Rocío considers ‘dantesque’.

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As an example to illustrate her words, the protagonist of the docuseries recounts the moment when her uncles, Gloria and Jose AntonioThey used the car they had borrowed from Houston to take Rocío and Fidel to the hospital so they could then keep the vehicle for themselves.

Rocío had no obstacle to this, although a few days later her uncle-in-law surprised her by asking her for money for petrol, as he had to refill the tank after taking her to the hospital. “It was a very strange, very grotesque and very disgusting situation.“, says Rocío, who assures that his family used to ask Rocío Jurado for money for the gasoline of the car.

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The Jury, according to her daughter, sent her trusted people to withdraw money and had a small bag with notes in the room which she distributed when needed. “It was a situation that seemed Dantesque to me. Having to be in a hospital bed handing out money to everyone” says the artist’s daughter.

Moreover, Rocío reveals that his mother paid for the tickets for Amador, Gloria, José Antonio, Ortega Cano and Rosa Benito, while the accommodation was given free by a Mexican couple who offered them two apartments to stay as long as necessary. . Rocío and Fidel, for their part, paid for their trip to the United States.

Tensions between the Carrasco-Albiac couple and the Mohedanos grew until, on one occasion, Fidel spoke with José Antonio and blamed him for constantly “trying to score points” with a sick woman. The response from Gloria’s husband, according to Rocío, was forceful: “We already have all the points we needed to earn.”

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