Rocío Camacho, humanity and work to succeed

At 27, Rocio Caballero Camacho She is already one of the most impactful content creators with young people in our country. Hardworking, natural and human; are some of the adjectives with which her more than 753,000 followers define the young woman instagram.

Born in Calatrava Causeway, city ​​shared with the great Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodovar, led a most normal and humble life until the age of 17, when he moved to the center of Ciudad Real to continue his studies. Without being very clear about his decision and on the recommendation of some of his high school teachers, he started and almost finished his degree in English philology. “I had 4 subjects left and it was a mistake,” he reveals. “When you throw yourself into something without it being your vocation ends up weighing”.

At 21, he left for Lithuania for 6 months of Erasmus as an escape. Although she was more than used to it, at that time it was something new for her to leave, so she dared not ask the whole year. After the experience, he felt a strong regret which later served as a learning and encourages anyone who is considering letting go of fear. “Later, when it ended, I regretted it. I wish I had stayed all year.” These days she herself is the biggest fan of travel and the interpreter of her many trips with her high level of English.

Continuing with her debut, we discovered that Marta (Rocio’s cousin) she already felt her potential long before she was famous, and propelled her to discover the path that would now become her dream job. Convinced, she offers to take the camera out with her one day despite her embarrassment and shyness, for what her people might think at the time and “see what happens”.

What this family did not expect is that this “we tried” could go so far. “With 2, 3 photos that I uploaded that she took of me, I have about 10,000 subscribers and every photo at 1,000 loves you,” Rocío says. “There I said ‘what’s going on, why is it growing so fast'”.

Talking about his professional life, among other jobs, we highlight the year 2018; when opens his first successful business, Seima. He has always loved fashion and with it he has more than demonstrated his value in this area. As if that weren’t enough, after the quarantine realizes how important and necessary it is to take care of oneself, and together with his brother Antonio (professional in the field of sport and well-being) he creates body hall, a healthy life and exercise app that has attracted many people who don’t have time to go to the gym every day or just prefer to lead a healthy life from the comfort of their homes.

Asked then about his brother, his chest fills with pride, and with great affection he sums up the evolution of their relationship. “I went from hating us to To this day, he is one of my biggest supporters.”

All these changes in her life, plus the sum of being a very active person at work, very capable and very demanding of herself, leads to anxiety that prevents you from carrying out certain aspects of your daily life normally for many years. “Nothing I did was enough for me,” he admits.

Asked about his mental health now, he answers with a big smile that he is doing very well, that he has learned a lot and that the professional help of a psychologist when one is not well in his own skin is essential. “I think these are times and You also have to learn to listen to your body.

Rocío is constantly reinventing itself and continuing to express its creativity; That’s why recently create a new content section where he posts videos of professionally recorded reflections and positive thoughts with his team on his Instagram account.

Their followers, big fans of them, look forward to the next one and share, with great pride, their experiences, which, once reflected in their videos, make more sense.

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