Release date and everything we know about the new Samsung Galaxy

The August 10 it is the date that must be marked in red on the calendar because it is the day planned by Samsung to achieve an Unpacked of which little is known, but for which great news is expected. Now you can get ready to enjoy your Samsung promotional code as the brand promises major surprises which, in early leaks, suggest will be for the new foldable phones and the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 smartwatch.

After the presentation of Samsung S22 and all its versions and the Galaxy Tab S8 in February, it is the second Samsung Unboxed 2022 and the expectation to know what the event will hold has been growing since we know that it will be on August 10th.

If the previous one unpacked focused on the brand’s flagship, this one will focus on the most experimental terminals, the Galaxy Z Flip and the Galaxy Z-Fold and, according to all rumors, also in a Galaxy Watch 5 It will come with many new features.

Folding mobiles, an unstoppable trend

In August last year the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and the Galaxy Fold 3 were presented and this year it is expected that the 10 of the month of summer par excellence, the same thing will happen again with the news versions, the fourth, of Samsung’s foldable phones.

What are the rumors saying about the new folding? Nothing is known for sure, but everything indicates that the designs will be very similar to the current versions with some tweaks that make them even more compact.

The Galaxy Z Flip allows you to enjoy a mobile that is very easy to carry, but with the big screen you need.
The Galaxy Z Flip allows you to enjoy a mobile that is very easy to carry, but with the big screen you need.

The important developments will arrive inside since it is planned that these mobiles integrate the Snapdragon 8 processor of the first generation as mobile phones such as the Xiaomi 12 have already done. In this way, the new foldables would be powered by the most powerful Qualcomm chip and ensure exceptional performance.

Interesting screen improvements are also expected with a significant improvement in image quality.

Quality leap in weak points

one of the greats issues with the Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3 it was in the hinge system to fold the phone and in the weight. These two aspects should be the most polished in the new versions, reduce weight terminals and with a new system to fold and unfold the screen more easily.

It is also expected that the new mobiles will integrate cameras much better so that they reach the level of the most sophisticated mobiles in this aspect and are in line with the price of smartphones which are not cheap.

models of success

Despite the fact that other brands tried to present attractive models in the niche of folding mobiles, Samsung is the brand that took the lead and the great reference for everyone in this field.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 lets you have a large 7.6 inner screen
The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 lets you have a large 7.6″ interior screen and a 6.2″ exterior.

In fact, the Z Galaxy Flip 3 has been successful above all because it has managed to significantly reduce the size of the mobile without giving up a large screen and an excellent smartphone, with which it has conquered users who seek to carry a small mobile but which offer the advantages of one with a larger screen.

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 has also been very well received because it is a smartphone that, when unfolded, offers a large screen that allows you to perform all kinds of operations and jobs more comfortably.

Galaxy Watch 5, the evolution of a great watch

The Watch 4 has been one of the most acclaimed smartwatches in recent months for its great benefits, especially in health as it is the first to provide the body mass index. It is a watch with a very attractive design and with all the services that one can ask of a smartwatch of the highest quality.

The new Watch 5, which should be presented to the company also on August 10, it will be difficult to overcome it. The first rumors point to a design change that leaves behind the rotating bezel that some versions of the Watch 4 like the Classic have and which is very popular with some users.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is a very attractive smartwatch with spectacular features.
The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is a very attractive smartwatch with spectacular features.

Yes, the bet will stand Wear the operating system after the success of its recovery in the Watch 4 and the excellent user experience it provides.

The new ones Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Galaxy Fold 4 and Watch 5 They are taken for granted as the protagonists of Samsung Unpacked on August 10, but some rumors go even further and assure that new headphones or even new headphones will also be presented during the event. high end tablet We will have to be very attentive to what is happening to know the surprises that Samsung has in store for us.

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