Rafael Amargo’s desperate plea in ‘Espejo Público’: ‘They want me to die’

Raphael Amer reappeared in public mirror to promote his new play, the premiere of which was to take place this Thursday, The beautiful dream of lifeat the Marquina Theater in Madridbut also to make a desperate appeal after his arrest in December 2020 accused of two alleged crimes of drug trafficking and criminal organization.

Recall that a few hours after his arrest, the dancer was released and the prosecution, a year later, required nine years in prison for an offense against public health. Then he began his crusade to unmask who is behind his accusation, which he did not hesitate to confirm in public mirror from Antena 3. Amargo was candid that this plot is “a political matter” with “two dark hands” behind it. And whose objective is none other than “starve to death”.

Rafael Amargo in

Rafael Amargo in “Public Mirror”


Rafael Amargo is still awaiting trial for crimes against public health. According to the prosecution, the dancer allegedly sold drugs “persistently” to third parties in exchange for money. As the dispute drags on, the choreographer also launched a new show which was to premiere in Madrid this Thursday, The beautiful dream of life, but was canceled at the last minute due to “internal disputes” with the director. It looks like things are getting complicated again for Rafael Amargo.

As for the scandal of his accusation, Rafael Amargo was sincere in public mirror on the difficult times he is going through: “To this day, they still haven’t given me my passport. When something like this happens to you, you have to trust yourself, know your truth, that only you know it.

Rafael Bitter, arrested

Rafael Bitter, arrested


And he said bluntly: “Over time, I know people around me, who I thought were distant, I had brought them closer. I mean two black hands. When this investigation begins, I know for a fact that it closes. another in exchange for this one, they are capable of anything”.

Indeed, the dancer claimed to be afraid “that’s why I advanced, if something happens to me that they know that I have already felt it. It is better to be safe than sorry. I do not don’t know when the trial will come out, but I want to be able to continue with my rhythm of life. I have 80% of the work that I have abroad, and now I can’t leave the country. That’s how ‘they want me to starve and be okay.”

Rafael Amargo highlights

Rafael Amargo points to “two dark hands” behind his accusation


Among the suspicions that Rafael Amargo has about the court case, he pointed out: “I didn’t think about ending up in jail because I didn’t do anything, but if they take 200 false witnesses and set up something thing… but I’m not afraid, because finally these people also don’t play politics anymore. The problem is that when they find themselves in politics, they are human. I put politics first because it’s a political question, the infatuation of some for me. What is clear to me is that with this, they wanted to cover something, something else”.

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Rafael Amargo, in an archive image

And as for the friends who have been by his side and those who haven’t, the dancer was also very clear: “Maybe I’ve noticed that if they can avoid me, they avoid me. It hurts me twice for prejudging myself and because they do it just in case, but they really know me and they know how I am Even with everything, I want to stay with the friends I thought I had further away and who have been very close. I discovered very good friends with this case”.

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