Osasuna plays two games in one day

health faces this Friday a day for the less unusual in the preparation of the first teams. The rojillos will play two games in just ten hours. To 11 a.m. will start the day with the match which will be played in Tajonar before the Burgos CF After the conclusion of this engagement, the Osasunist expedition will leave for Miranda d’Ebre face in Anduva the mirandés at 7:00 p.m. For this second match, the Castilian club will allow its licensees free access to the stadium and has put tickets on sale online between 10 and 20 euros.

This double ration of matches will likely require players to play all 90 minutes of the match they are in, and Arrasate would still have some leeway to make some changes. In the first part of the pre-season, Jagoba didn’t want the players to accumulate too many minutes, so the whole team was substituted after the break.

Both Burgos teams play in the second division and they will be the last two touchstones for the rojillos before the start of the league competition at El Sadar against Sevilla in a week.

To prepare for the double date on Friday, catch up summoned the team to Tajonar for the third training session of the week during which they performed activation, technique, combined action and football drills.

Robert Ibanezwho continues to be linked to the red discipline after the “fringes” canceled – at least for now – his signing for Levante, joined the exercises with the rest of his teammates, although his departure from the club before the start of La Liga seems sung, since he has already left his injury behind him, which would facilitate his departure.

During yesterday’s session, the goalkeeper Aitor Fernandez and Ante Budimir continued to train individually, while Ruben Garcia reduced the workload expected by Arrasate and his technical team for the entire team due to slight physical discomfort.

The young Promesas goalkeeper also took part in training on Thursday Dario Ramos. The double commitment and the possible precautions with Aitor Fernández, who trained separately, will perhaps give him the opportunity to travel with the elders. This season, as is the case with the first team, Osasuna Promesas has three goalkeepers, Darío Ramos, Pablo Valencia and Iván Martínez, who, after finishing his loan spell at Castellón, has returned to training with Santi’s men Castiljo.

And two other matches on the first day of the Sentimiento Cup

This Friday begins in Tajonar the Feeling Cup, the tournament in which they play health, real Madrid, Real society who wants to become a national reference in the category. Donostiarras and Levante will be measured from 6:00 p.m. while Navarre and the ‘merengues’ will do so from 8:30 p.m. On Sunday, the consolation final and the grand final will take place at 10:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. respectively. If the txuri-urdin and the whites -especially the first ones- impose themselves as great favourites, the reds and the granotas aspire to reach the final.

The president of Osasuna Féminine, Cesar Muniain, clarified that the will of the Navarrese club is “to put Osasuna Feminino in the national showcase. The level of demand is high but we think it will be a success. We want it to last over time and become a benchmark”.

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