Omar Sánchez, second confirmed competitor of ‘Nightmare in El Paraíso’

  • Anabel Pantoja’s ex becomes second confirmed contestant for new Telecinco reality show

  • The Canarian surfer will be a farmer and live with other VIPs

  • Meet Omar Sánchez: who is he?

Omar Sanchez is the second confirmed candidate from ‘Nightmare in Paradise’, the new reality of Telecinco which will soon arrive on our screens. The ex-husband of Anabel Pantoja boards in his second reality and he does it by becoming a farmer in a paradise that could become his worst nightmare…

The one who was Anabel Pantoja’s partner for just over four years decides to take the plunge and continue his television career by participating in his second reality show after ‘Survivors 2021’: “I come to live the experience to the fullest.”

Who is Omar Sanchez?

Omar Sanchez was born in Gran Canaria in 1991. The second confirmed competitor of ‘Nightmare in El Paraíso was unveiled in 2018 when his relationship with Anabel Pantojathe niece of singer Isabel Pantoja and one of television’s best-known faces.

Omar and Anabel met at an Isabel Pantoja concert on the island of Omar: “He noticed me and wrote to me on social networks”, explained Anabel Pantoja to Toñi Moreno in his last interview.. February 14th From that year, the news falls and the gossip press rings out: a professional surfer from the Canary Islands has won the heart of the very niece.

Over time, Omar Sánchez became increasingly well known and it became common for the press to seek his statements in good startthe Canarian town where the couple had established their love nest.

The passage of Omar Sánchez by ‘Survivors’

He himself assured in more than one interview that his time in ‘Survivors 2021’ it was one of the most difficult things he had experienced in his life, but also the best experience. After three months in Honduras, Omar Sánchez became the ninth expelled of the losing edition in the ‘televote’ against his companions Lola and Lara Sajen.

Omar lost something during his time in the contest more than 12 kg his weight and image have completely changed. The one who until now was the boyfriend of Anabel Pantoja became one of the most famous faces of television and began to be part of the television scene, which the collaborator never quite accepted. : “Anabel didn’t want me to participate in ‘Survivors’, I didn’t want me to become someone in the media”, explained Omar to Toñi Moreno on the set of ‘Let yourself be loved’.

His media break with Anabel Pantoja

Omar Sánchez, injured:

Omar Sánchez, injured: “I would have liked to have a child with Anabel, I’m surprised that she wants to be a mother with Yulen”

Anabel Pantoja, after many rumors, confirmed in ‘Sálvame’ that she had decided end your love affair with black. Omar remained silent for months and finally was spoken on the set of ‘Friday deluxe’ once Anabel Pantoja was already in Honduras competing in the last edition of ‘Survivors’.

After three months in Honduras, Anabel reunites with Omar Sánchez on the set of ‘Let’s Love You’ and there they arranged a tough meeting: Omar cried when he saw the images of Anabel with Yulen Pereira, his new love, and was frank: “I won’t go back with her, now I can’t be her friend eitherhurt me”.

Omar Sánchez: “I’m entering the only reality TV”

Omar Sanchez has connected live with the set of ‘Viernes deluxe’ of Gran Canaria to confirm its participation in the new reality show Telecinco. The Internet user openly admitted that at that time has no partner and that within the framework of the competition, anything can happen: “I am single today.”

The canary confessed to María Patiño that He did not consult Anabel Pantojahis ex-wife, who is taking part in the competition: “She is no longer in my life, I no longer need to consult or give explanations, I have spoken about it with my family and they support me.”

Although initially not I would have sex Within the competition, Omar does not close outright: “I don’t know what can happen, but it would be too much of a coincidence if it happened to me too.”

Omar Sanchez:

Omar Sánchez: “I’m entering the new reality TV single”

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