Mónica Hoyos, closed candidate of ‘Nightmare in El Paraíso’ and collaborator of ‘Sálvame’ rejects it

04/08/2022 at 10:28 PM


Carlos Lozano’s ex is the second profile of the new version of ‘La Granja’, which Telecinco will start recording on August 29

Telecinco warms up the engines for the premiere of “Nightmare in Paradise”. The channel is rushing these days to wrap up the casting for its new reality show, for which The signing of Mónica Hoyos has been closedas YOTELE exclusively learned.

In this way, the model, actress and television collaborator becomes the second closed profile of the new version of ‘La Granja’, which Telecinco will start recording at a location in Cadiz on August 29, according to the information to which this portal has had access. The broadcasts will begin in the following days.

Se a a Pee Estrada, the first and only name made official by Mediaset to date. The sports journalist was confirmed this Wednesday in ‘Save me‘ after being mistakenly leaked by the program itself a few days before.

Monica Hoyos rose to prominence more than two decades ago as the stewardess of ‘The fair price’ (AND P), where he met Carlos Lozano, who was the presenter and with whom he began a romantic relationship. They have a daughter, Luna, who just turned 18.

His career in Telecinco reality TV shows began as defender of Carlos Lozano in discussions ofbig brother vip 4becoming competitor in its sixth edition in 2018 with Miriam Saavedra, ex of his ex A few months later, I participate in ‘survivors with her daughter’s father. From now on, he will live his third experience as a candidate in a Mediaset reality TV space.

Carmen Borrego refuses to participate in “Nightmare in Paradise”

After several weeks of work, the top managers are preparing to complete the list of candidates without being able to count on an interesting profile that is part of the ‘Sálvame’ universe. It is Carmen Borrego, who rejected the proposal join the space produced by Fremantle, after having received an important proposal.

The daughter of María Teresa Campos is one of the most coveted characters to participate in a reality show on Telecinco. His surreal participation in ‘Sálvame Okupa’, in which he appeared recently operated on his double chin, was a fantasy for fans of this television genre due to his continuous bitterness and bad temper, which lasted until this that he has to leave after three days of complicated work. hasty cohabitation. And that the competition lasted less than half a week.

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