Microsoft launches Family Game Pass for up to 5 people with 1 subscription

If you have been paying attention to the latest news from netflixyou will know how hard the company strives to eliminate shared accounts. Microsoft, meanwhile, is doing the exact opposite, planning to implement a familiar plane of his Game pass. This would allow with a single subscription to have 5 users in an account.

Microsoft just dealt a massive blow to all subscription services, as its Game Pass announces a new multi-person plan. So the typical subscription models where only you pay and share the expenses are gone, everything becomes a lot more economical. Also, what about the Game Pass, one of the most popular and above all the cheapest way to play hundreds of video games without having to buy them.

This Game Pass from the Microsoft family will arrive first in Colombia and Ireland

Game Pass Xbox Microsoft Paises

Microsoft has announced that starting August 4, Xbox Insiders can begin to see a plan that allows multiple people to share the benefits of Ultimate Game Pass. So we can access the best games with friends and family from the consolethe computer and the cloudto be able ahill up to 4 people more to our subscription. Therefore, we can be 5 members in the same account, where everyone can access all the content, benefits and games of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

However, only two countries will initially be able to take advantage of this excellent news, limited to Xbox Insiders residing in Colombia e Ireland. Also, only the Game Pass Ultimate account user needs to be an Insider, other people you share it with don’t need to be. However, there is a rule to respect and that is that they must reside in the same country as the account owner. So add that the inscription for this Game Pass family plan is limitalthough it remains open as long as supply is available.

Signing up for this plan will convert your current subscription to a new one

Microsoft Game Pass Ultimate Registration

Everyone who signs up for the Game Pass Insider Preview that includes this new shared account model will see their current subscription change. And it is that, the time of your current subscription will be transformed to adapt to the new one. For instance, 30 days of Game Pass Ultimate they will become 18 days ago Familiar Game Pass. So, if you have an active subscription, you don’t lose any days and you don’t have to pay extra for the new plan either.

Therefore, we can make a estimate your price and if a month of Microsoft’s Game Pass Ultimate is worth $15, this new family mode will be worth around $25 Or maybe it’s close to $30. Moreover, this conversion is permanent and users who wish to return to the old subscription must wait until the new one expires. East It will not be available for members of invited groups and of course any friend or family member who wants to take advantage of this new Game Pass plan, will need to have a Microsoft account and connect with.

That said, we don’t know its official price or when it will actually arrive, but testing has already started in these two countries and it promises a lot. Additionally, the Microsoft spokesperson mentioned that The end of the year will share more details about this new Game Pass.

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