Mercedes Milá suffers a terrible accident in France and ends up in hospital

The summer was complicated Dear Mercedes. Journalist suffered a spectacular accident during his holidays in France, which led him directly to the hospital with a clear diagnosis: he has a broken humerus.

It was she who told what happened on her official Instagram profile. According to his story, he was riding a bike with a group of friends when an insect attacked her and in a reflex she tried to get rid of it. That’s when he lost control of his vehicle and ended up stomping on some bushes.

“A horsefly bit me and to defend myself I took my right hand off the bike and went straight to a blackberry that had wood and a lot of stuff inside. When I fell I felt my shoulder was broken“, began to tell the presenter. “Although it was expensive to get me out of there, they succeeded and took me to the hospital. There they did an x-ray and they saw that the humerus was broken. I was in horrible pain.”

Despite this unpleasant experience, Mercedes Milá has shown again that she is a positive person and that even in bad times he is able to keep his sense of humor: “I’m in a really good mood and that’s important. Because it really could have been a lot worse.”

Journalist He posted several videos to comment on what happened to himin which he gave more details about his condition and how his recovery will unfold: “’Thank God I didn’t have any displacement in the tear so they won’t have to operate on me. I will have to wear this for 40 days and I will have to be motionless. I won’t even be able to put on deodorant, so don’t come near me“, she commented amused.

In another video, Milá is shown minutes after entering hospitalsuffering from severe pain, to which the medical staff of the French center administered morphine to relieve them.

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