meet Jordan, the Brazilian model who won him over

It was a surprise, but social networks have discovered the news, which had been circulating for several weeks. Karim Benzema (34 years old) he is in love again and adds another name to his long list of conquests. The footballer has a budding relationship with the Brazilian Jordan Ozuna, a spectacular 32-year-old model with whom he was surprised last July on his yacht.

Some loving images shared by herself in her stories from Instagram come to confirm the romance. It’s a bit unexpected, because it was unknown that the Frenchman of Algerian origin had broken up with nurse Chloé de Launay (32), mother of her eldest daughter. The couple had given themselves a second chance in October 2021 after a few years apart.

Benzema’s new girlfriend was born in Maryland (USA), has perfect measurements and is 1.65m tall. Before working as a model, she was a waitress in Las Vegas and is currently part of several agencies in New York, Miami, Los Angeles and Atlanta that handle her work in advertising and publishing.

She has 349,000 followers on her Instagram profile, where she shows off her work, travels, outfits and beauty tips. It is also thanks to this social network that he formalized his relationship with the merengue striker. First sharing an image in which they are seen kissing and another of a capture of a video call. For the moment, he preferred to remain silent and limit himself to posting photos alone or with his children.

Jordan uploaded these images with Benzema in his

Jordan uploaded these images with Benzema in his “stories”.

The player’s love life was the most eventful. In Spain he was known in 2009, when he signed for Real Madrid, and came out of the hands of Chloe de Launay. In addition, Karim had an affair with the French model Cora Gauthier (33), whom he married in 2017 and mother of his young son, Ibrahim (4). It didn’t go well either. Moreover, he maintained intermittent and dreamy romances with Rihanna (34) or the very marta i can (35), passing through a few participants from realities as Samira Jalilof Women and men and vice versa.

A curious thing about this new relationship is that, at the moment, none of the protagonists are followed on Instagram, let alone tag or dedicate comments on the wall. Maybe it’s a way to keep it relatively private until it’s a bit more established. The fact that Jordan uploaded these images to social networks is a novelty that, in addition, he might not have liked.

Benzema is extremely cautious about the steps he takes in his personal life. He is usually not present at the famous footballers’ parties and keeps his privacy protected. This attitude has a reason for being: in 2010, he was charged, along with his partner Franck Ribery (39), of an alleged offense of prostitution of minors for having contracted the sexual services of a young woman who was not yet 18 years old. They were eventually acquitted after their legal team demonstrated that they did not know the plaintiff’s real age.

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On the sporting level, Karim leaves Real Madrid after more than ten years spent at the white club, which will also cause his move. But it won’t be in the United States, where Jordan lives, everything seems to indicate that his next team will be Paris Saint-Germain, where he will end up. Sergio Ramos (36) and will coincide with Messi (35).

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