McLaren announces the news to Ricciardo: Piastri will replace him in 2023

Those of Woking want to end their contract with the Australian after this season

Ricciardo wants to continue in F1 and a return to Alpine seems a more feasible option

McLaren have already communicated to Daniel Ricciardo that their intention is not to continue with him next season. Those of Woking want Oscar Piastri alongside Lando Norris in 2023 and the Australian does not seem to be interested in the British brand’s projects in other categories than Formula 1.

These two years of Ricardo close to McLaren They are far from ideal. The Aussie arrived at Woking in 2021 with very high expectations, but other than last year’s win at Monza the feeling hasn’t been good at all. Therefore, the team’s intention is to terminate his contract and replace him with Piastri next season, according to British magazine Autosport.

Ricciardo ends his contract with McLaren in 2023, but within the team they intend to end their relationship a year earlier than planned. The decision has already been communicated to the driver and Piastri will be his replacement. The young Australian prioritized his deal with the British after the advertisement without the consent of Alpine as official driver this Tuesday.

For his part, Ricciardo has no interest in McLaren’s projects away from Formula 1, such as IndyCar or Formula E. As a result, the Australian could receive an economic sum from the team for breaching his contract. in advance, although it is unknown. whether he will be compensated if he continues on the grid with another team or if he is only removed from the Grand Cirque.

If he doesn’t continue at McLaren, which seems very likely, the likeliest destination for Ricciardo is one of his former teams. The Australian could occupy the free seat that Fernando Alonso left to Alpine. Enstone is a destination that Daniel already knows, having been there for two years still under the Renault name and having had one of his best seasons in Formula 1 in 2020.

The alternative to Alpinewhich seems very unlikely, is to sign for Haas. The Americans have a vacant seat at the moment and negotiations with Mick Schumacher they are paralyzed Yes, Ferrari he may have a lot to say in this role and Ricciardo has no connection with them, so they would have no interest in supporting such a decision.

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