Lewandowski sets an example and will be the leader of Barca

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The Polish striker works like no one else and shows a professionalism that captivates everyone

There is no doubt in the coaching staff that Robert will lead the team and score plenty of goals

The arrival of Robert Lewandowski at FC Barcelona generated a great impact not only at the level of the media and fans, but also within the Barça team itself and the technical staff. The Polish striker feels like a kid with new boots despite everything he has already been through and shown in the world of football. An illusion which radiates and is transmitted at all times and which augurs great things.

And it is that from the first moment of his arrival, Lewandowski showed that he is an example of professionalism and that he works like the best. He arrived with all the humility in the world and the desire to continue to show that he is a great scorer. His attitude has permeated and captivated everyone.

Robert Lewandowski is happy at Barca and conveys his enthusiasm and leadership ability


Aware of Barca’s impact

Lewandowski is very clear that although Bayern Munich are a giant in European football, the global impact of Barca and football is unmatched and their performances will have a greater dimension. The pandemic deprived him of a well-deserved Ballon d’Or which he now wants to win with Barçaeven if he puts team success before personal success and is the first to lead by example.

The Pole fought until he was nauseous to be able to play for the Barça team despite the resistance of the Bavarian club because he knows that it is a great opportunity in his already successful sporting career and he did not want it. Give Way. He knows he will be the leader of this team and got to work. He is an example for the young people, but also for the veterans of the group. He is ready to pull the plug and neither the coaches nor his teammates doubt that he will score many goals. It’s your trademark.

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