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By using blood vessels in the brain, a company aims to revolutionize the treatment of brain diseases.

Stay with the name of this company: Synchronous. Maybe now you’re reading the article and you have a friendly and curious residue about his activity, but if his progress manage to deliver the expected results, we might face a new era of medicine. The new methods this company offers to try solve neurological problems have already been explored by other companies, such as the case of Neuralinkowned by Elon Musk, but Synchron has a pioneer treatment in the hands and it responds to the name of endovascular brain-computer interface. His goal ? treat neurological diseases thanks to neuroprostheses, neuromodulation and neurodiagnosis.

A small implant, a gigantic hope for millions of people affected by neurological diseases

To begin this story, we must move on to New Yorkparticularly Mount Sinai West Hospital, and date back to the day July 6. In the operating room, Dr Shahram Majidi was able to insert a implant trained by wires and electrodes in one of blood vessels of the brain of a patient with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. The objective said implant is to grant that person the possibility of surf the internet oh communicate by SMS and e-mails, only with your thought.

Although the news did not have any particular relevance, it seems that this is not the first implant of Synchron, as says digital media Bloombergto be carried out, given that in Australia they are already four The ace characters who use them without any adverse effects. What is most surprising is that these patients are able to send whatsapp messages and perform online shopping. Elon Musk, promising gold and Moors a few years ago, seems to have fallen behind in the race to control the human brain.

This is the curious aspect that the implant looks like

It is the curious aspect that the implant looks like. Synchronous

As you can see in the image above, the implant, referred to by the company as stentIt consists of a network of wires and electrodes. The operation which is used for its implantation is much more Easy than that used in other procedures, without the need to damage tissue or penetrate the skull. The surgeon in question performs a incision in the jugular artery and introduces a catheter who will be the one to deposit stent in one of the blood vessels of the patient’s brain, which will eventually merge with the glass itself.

There are second procedureFor who connects the stentrode to a device under the skin, at the level of the patient’s chest, as if it were a pacemaker. It will be this device that leah The ace panels emitted by neurons and amplify so that they can be captured by a computer or mobile device via Bluetooth connectivity. Tom Oxley it’s him founder from Synchron and has a doctorate in neuroscience. The arrival of his company in Brooklyn, where he recently settled, he hopes to be the beginning of a cascade of interventions, has already 16 programmed implants for the next year they appreciate the functionality of the stentrode. According to them own words:

I feel that we have crossed a barrier and that professionals understand the advantages of the implant. We are at the beginning of the renaissance of cerebral decoding.

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