Lady Gaga finally shares what was an open secret: she will be an actress in “Joker 2” – Music

Lady Gaga She has once again bet on her role as an actress by signing for a new film. Something that was an open secret but that she only confirmed this Friday, August 5th. already demonstrated inA Star is Born’ to be a real queen in front of the cameras, get to take the Oscar for Best Original Song, which she also sang in addition to acting, and this year it was also launched with ‘The House of Gucci’, with which he was multi-nominated for Best Picture awards.


That yes, it seems that Not being nominated for an Oscar this year, she decided to insist. Because yes, she does not intend to stop until she has obtained a statuette which recognizes her work as an actress.

And we who are happy, because if there is anything left of Lady Gaga, it is talent. For this very reason, He set to work so that in 2024 we have new content of his own.

And yes, that’s what you think, a new film in which to demonstrate his infinite talent. And it will be, neither more nor less, than Following Joker.

Yes, this famous movie of the mythical characters of DC Comics. And it is that a second part of the film released in 2019 is in preparation and which managed to collect around two billion dollars at the box office.



Of course, it won’t be at all similar to what the first installment was. Be careful, because we have all the details.

The Joker, a musical film with a luxury cast

If you think about it, there are two things Lady Gaga is outraged about and was born to do: acting and singing. For this very reason,what could be better than putting them together for a film?

And it is that this second part of the Joker, It will be very different from the first, starting with the fact that it could be a musical. We can’t wait to hear the songs that will come out!






























This is not the only novelty, as they have confirmed that the role of the Joker will continue to be played by Joaquin Phoenix, An interpretation that earned him Oscar for best actor in 2020.

And if you were wondering what role Lady Gaga will have in the film, wait…She will be the psychiatrist in charge of treating the Joker, Dr. Harleen Francis Quinzel.




I don’t know if the name means anything to you, but it’s nothing more and nothing less than Harley Quinn, the character Margot Robbie has played in the past and partner in the Joker’s misdeeds.

It doesn’t stop there, because we have the Official title: Joker: Madness for Two…Or, what comes to the same thing, Joker, madness for two.




It certainly has a look! Of course, we will have to wait a bit to be able to see it on the screens, because will not be before October 4, 2024 when it opens in theaters.

Little by little we will learn more details about how this movie is going to be, but from what we could see, It’s going to be amazing in every way.



We hope that in this way, Lady Gaga will finally realize win the Oscar for best actress. What do I want to see!

The merits of Lady Gaga as an actress

We don’t know if you knew it but, in fact, Lady Gaga thought about training as an actress before becoming a singer. In reality, he realized it while studying at a New York University.

And although life later led her to be a successful singer and songwriter, she does not forget one of her great passions. For this reason, he gradually accepted job offers in the cinema.


She played Ally in the remake of A star Is Bornas well as Bardley Cooper, which earned him his first Oscar. And since she wasn’t completely satisfied, she played a real character in The Gucci Houseto the viuda of Maurizio Gucci.



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