Joaquín Torres announces his marriage to Raúl Prieto, director of Viva la vida

  • Raúl Prieto and his partner will marry next spring

  • Joaquín Torres announces his marriage after asking the director of ‘Viva la vida’

“With him always and soon forever,” he wrote just days ago Raúl Prieto jAccompanied by a photograph in which we could see him with his partner enjoying his vacation in Italy. An image that has sparked speculation about a possible marital bond that Joaquin Torres I just confirmed announce your wedding with the one who was director of ‘Live life’.

Despite the discretion with which the two usually treat anything related to their private lives, Torres wanted to make this great news public to all of his followers. After finding happiness alongside Raúl Prieto, the architect decided to declare himself and marry “the love of his life”.

“These days there have been speculations about my possible marriage to Raúl Prieto, and although I never talk about my personal life on this page, today I have decided to tell you that after many years of fighting and pursuing my dream, Last night with a “ring” from a keychain, I knelt down in the privacy of the bedroom, and proposed to the love of my life…” he admits through a moving letter that he wanted to publish through his social networks.

“After years of fear, remorse, guilt, shame…and two children that I had to protect above all else. After talking to them and giving me their approval, I decided to hold the promise I made to Raúl: I would tell the world who the love of my life is. next spring in a ceremony before mine, before ours“, he adds while offering some details on the ceremony that they intend to organize.

Your marriage bond will happen”somewhere in old Europe“. A privileged place where the couple can celebrate their love in a free way and surrounded by “all their people”. Of those “who have never judged me for my sexuality, who have never reproached me for being who I am.. . these people who are my world,” he says.

The architect, who is the father of two children from a previous relationship, insisted that after them, the television director “is EVERYTHING”. For this reason, he wanted to “give her his place” and put the final touch to his story by marrying her. Getting to this point has not been easy for them. In fact, Torres speaks of the long road traveled as a “story full of thornsThat’s why, after overcoming “a lot together”, he can’t imagine “a better life partner”.

Joaquín took the opportunity to talk about how much he has lost over the years due to ‘cowardice’. “But NOT more. The B side of the album belongs only to us”, she declared before saying goodbye with a beautiful dedication to her future husband: “Raúl, now yes. Now nothing can stop me from being yours and that you are mine forever. I like you”.

The announcement of their marriage was celebrated with great enthusiasm by the couple’s friends, who were eagerly awaiting this moment to happen one day. Kike Calleja, Ion Aramendi, Antonio Rossi… these are just a few of the many familiar faces who wanted to congratulate the couple on their engagement and the big step they will soon take.

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