Joaquín Torres and Raúl Prieto, director of ‘Viva la vida’, get married

The wedding bells are ringing. Enjoying their love like never before, Raúl Prieto and Joaquín Torres communicated their plans for the future, who are marked by a bond to come to seal their love eternally. Although they have always tried to be discreet when it comes to their relationship, news of such magnitude had to be told on social media. And it is that, it seems that after two years of interruption due to the pandemic, it has been the ideal year to resume the celebrations on top

Raúl Prieto and Joaquín Torres pose / Gtres
Raúl Prieto and Joaquín Torres pose / Gtres

As usual, social networks and, in particular, Instagram have already become a personal wall, where you can post the most important daily and news of celebrities. On this occasion, while the partner was enjoying a well-deserved summer vacation in Italy, a most romantic post set off all the alarms about a future affair. “With him always and soon forever…” the TV director wrote. A declaration of love in its own right that did not go unnoticed by Terelu Campos who, rushing to talk about marriage without knowing what was really going on, commented: “Does that mean we’re going to a wedding??? I’m dying”. And so it was that after the outpouring of the collaborator, Joaquín saw himself obliged -or the perfect opportunity- to announce the good news.

“These days there have been speculations about my possible marriage to Raúl Prieto and, although I never talk about my personal life on this page, today I have decided to tell you that after many years of fighting and pursuing my dream, Last night, with a “ring” from a bunch of keys, I knelt down in the privacy of the room and asked her to marry me. to the love of my life”, began by telling the architect. In addition, Joaquin He took the opportunity to admit that these years were not easy for him, that they were full of ” fear, remorse, guilt, shame…”, because her highest priority has always been to protect her children. However, after talking with them and receiving their approval, the creator decided to keep his promise: to tell the whole world who the love of his life is: “And that I will do next spring in a ceremony before mine, before ours.”

Torres, moreover, wanted to dedicate a very moving letter to her future husband, leaving a record on social networks and in front of more than 110 thousand followers which the former director of Live life for him: “Raúl, after my children, is EVERYTHING. And giving him his place and him giving me mine is something that puts an end to a story full of thorns”. Y es que, su historia de amor no ha sido un camino de rosas, juntos han superado muchos obstáculos, hecho que les ha converted into los perfectos compañeros de vida: “Una vida en la que he perdido tanto, tanto, tanto tiempo por cobardía …but not anymore. The album’s B-side is ours alone.” A full-fledged declaration of love and intentions that ended with a moving message that your upcoming wedding will put the finishing touches on your beautiful relationship : “Raúl, now yes, yes. Now nothing can stop it from being yours and mine forever. I like you”.

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