Intel to open €5 trillion chip factory in Italy, Reuters says

Intel announced earlier this year an investment of 33,000 million euros in research, development and manufacturing of chips in Europe. Now, finally, we learn more details about the semiconductor giant’s ambitious strategy on the Old Continent. After the official announcement that one of the production centers will be located in Germany, Reuters assures that the company is close to reaching an agreement with Italy for the next.

Intel’s investment in Italy would be 5 billion euros and would be intended for the construction of a chip manufacturing plant with the most advanced technologies, according to the news agency. The company had admitted to negotiating with Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s government and planned to create some 1,500 direct jobs in its “first-class installation in the EU” project.

Waiting for the final agreement

The final agreement, which would be announced at the end of August, would envisage a contribution of 40% of the total investment by Italy. This would be significant state aid to reinforce the European Commission’s efforts to attract businesses within its borders and reduce dependence on Asian producers. The goal? Reach 20% of the global chip manufacturing market by 2030.

For the moment, it seems unclear where Intel’s production center in Italy will be built. Lombardy, Puglia and Sicily they would be on the semiconductor giant’s map to improve supply chain capabilities across Europe. And while we don’t know the final location, based on a preliminary roadmap shared by the company, it’s estimated the facility could start operating between 2025 and 2030.

Intel manufactures 2 chips

According to the current panorama, Intel’s ambitions in Italy are greater than those projected in Spain. For now, an investment of 400 million euros (200 by the Spanish government) for the construction of a RISC-V architectural semiconductor design laboratory in Barcelona. This will be located in the Barcelona Supercomputing Center and will use 100% renewable energy.

Today’s news, as mentioned above, comes months after the company’s CEO Pat Gelsinger announced a two-factory production facility in Magdeburg, Germany. The investment? 17 billion euros. And we will have to be vigilant, because we know that Intel will also invest massively in Francea country which it intends to make its epicenter of high performance computing.

For all this, the European Union plans to attract many other manufacturers. To do this, through the EU flea lawwill allocate 43,000 million euros to encourage investments in the development of next-generation technologies until 2030. “We need mega-factories, everything is possible. If we start one again in 2022, we could perhaps have the opening in 2026,” said Thierry Breton. , Commissioner for the European Internal Market.

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