If you want to lose weight, here are the foods to avoid for breakfast

There’s an eternal debate over whether breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but there’s no question it has to be healthy. In many cases, breakfast is filled with carbohydrate-rich foods. added sugars, saturated fats and carbohydrates, which is not good for health or fitness. If you want to lose weight, there are Foods to Avoid breakfast.

Forbidden foods for breakfast

Experts call them “cheat foods” because there is a popular belief that they are healthy, when in fact they are not. One of them are the industrial fruit juiceswhich we can buy packaged in supermarkets.

According to a study published by several experts in the journal ‘The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology’, the frequent consumption of this type of juice It can promote the onset of certain diseases, such as obesity or type 2 diabetes.

The instant cocoa powder It is another of the foods frequently eaten for breakfast and which is harmful to health. Sugar reaches more than 70% of the weight of the product, although this percentage can vary depending on the brand. It is best to replace this drink with a coffee or a natural infusion.

Some cereals are sold as “healthy” but are actually a calorie bomb. Particular attention should be paid to the ingredients and nutritional information on the packaging, and choose the most natural, such as cups of rolled oats or corn.

The ace jams They are also not a good option for breakfast, although their consumption is widespread. Its added sugar content varies between 45% and 50% of the total weight of the product. There is always the possibility of choosing jams made with 100% natural ingredients and which do not contain sugar.

These are the foods to avoid for breakfast!

Tips for a healthy breakfast

Knowing that one takes breakfast just after waking up, after several hours of fasting, it is better to choose easily digestible foodsmake them as light as possible. This way you give the metabolism time to fire up.

You can include seeds and nuts, which are a source of protein and healthy fats. In addition, they are very rich in vitamins and minerals. Flaxseeds offer great health benefits.

Impossible to miss a piece fresh seasonal fruitwhole and with the skin on whenever possible.

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