Here’s how this modified Dodge Viper ACR enjoys the Nürburgring

    Many Nürburgring records have been broken over the past five years, however, with his lap of 7:01.3 minutes, the Dodge Viper ACR it’s still the fastest of the American cars that passed the German track and of all those manual-transmission road models. So we know the ACR is a beast on the Nordschleife and no surprises when you show up to a whose engine has been reworked to 9.0 liters and uses semi-slick Kuhmo tiresI’m sure you will have a great time.

    An upgraded V10 engine

    Nürburgring youtuber Misha Charoudin sat in the right seat of the car during a Touristenfaharten (free run) session, and while the driver isn’t accelerating as much as we’d like, the doc is still worth a look. ‘eye. The car’s owner hadn’t been to the Ring for a few years and was quite cautious on the track, although the ACR always asks for more. Fortunately, the American model is equipped with five-point harnesses.

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    This owner installed the 9.0 Liter X-Treme Stroker Kit offered by the specialists of the Prefix Viper, which provides power up to 825 HP and 1,017 Nm of maximum torque. It costs $28,000 and essentially replaces all spinning components with custom forgings. It’s a lot of money, but as you can see, the results are impressive.

    Will we see him again?

    It’s easy to imagine a car with so much power and grip, both mechanical and aerodynamic, passing well under 7:00 around the Nordschleife. Of course, we’ll probably never know for sure given the demand and price of lap records at the Nürburgring. By its presence, the United States is showing the European continent what it is capable of.

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