Here is the scarlet and purple pokemon card

The time has come. two months later nintendo the trailer of Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Purplethe next two games of the famous saga, the Japanese company has released the map of Paldeathe fictional region of the Pokémon universe that is inspired by the landscapes and culture of Spain and Portugal.

As usual in the various video games that Pokémon has released throughout its history, the new card does not reproduce exactly the plan we know Iberian Peninsula. This is something that has happened on other occasions, when deliveries have been fixed in countries like Japan, France or the Hawaiian Archipelago.

Despite this, within hours, social networks were filled with comments on the many references containing the Pokémon region to which Iberian Peninsulamany of them found out thanks to a new breakthrough that Pokémon released as a video.

Madrid, a big crater

Immediately after the map was posted, thousands of comments pointed out the same thing: Madrid is a big bottomless hole in the Pokemon world. In the central area of ​​Paldea, the demarcation in which the city of Madrid would be in real life, we discovered what seems to be a large crater overgrown with mist.

How could it be otherwise, the jokes about it were not long in coming. European gaming champion Sekiam jokingly hinted in a tweet that the country’s investigation was so deep that “They even put the cloud of pollution on Madrid“.

Traces of Gaudí

On the other hand, as previously mentionedthe video game will have several nods to the architecture of Antoni Gaudi and the modernist constructions of Barcelona. However, they are not located at the place on the map that would correspond to Catalonia, but rather at different points in the fictional region.

The clearest example is the academy buildinglocated in “Meseta City”, inside the peninsula, which has four towers in the purest Sagrada Familia style. Some users have also pointed out that the construction has influences from other Barcelona landmarks, such as prison model or the St. Pau Hospital.

recognizable landscapes

Once the details of the map are known, the theories about references to Spain are endless. Among the most applauded is the identification of the visibly arid southeastern region with the iconic Almeria desertsmany scenes western movies. Nearby, land equivalent to the region of Murciawidely commented on by Twitter followers, is a big rock which has become the target of ridicule among Twitter users.

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Also in the south of the plane, marked by the color green and the small lakes, there are fans who see similarities with Doñana and Andalusian natural parks. Meanwhile, other users have noticed that the freezing north has parallels with the Cantabrian mountain range. Countless hypotheses that, intentionally or not, have unleashed the imagination of social networks.

Finally, it should also be remembered that various creatures typical of this region of the Mediterranean have been created for the occasion. The most endearing and, undoubtedly, the star is Smoliv, a small olive shaped pokemon

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