Here are the six foods to avoid, according to science

The health and nutrition These are two concepts that go hand in hand. Thus, eating in a balanced way with habits established by experts can be one of the keys to proper functioning of the body. Even taking care of what we eat can largely prevent some of the most common pathologies of recent times.

The man needs to eat to survive. Plus, when you do it right, the body works better. In recent years, however, changes in people’s lives have led to changes in their diets. Therefore, many experts are trying to fight the concept of malnutrition. It therefore refers to a poor choice of food and there is no lack of it, which has been seen in recent decades.

So things, Health of people has taken on particular importance in recent years due to greater awareness on the part of society of new ways of life. Experts have even pointed to the need for more physical activity to supplement a healthy diet. It happens before the uncontrolled increase in obesity and overweightamong other problems, which increasingly affects the Spaniards. Finally, experts also point to the need to improve rest because it is often scarce.

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