Greased Atlético lift the Ramón de Carranza trophy

The Madrid athlete won the Ramón de Carranza Trophy this Thursday, beating Cadiz with the success of Morata, Saul, Wass and Griezmann, a match in which Simeone’s team left good feelings and was much rounder than a Cadiz as voluntary as it lacks fangs. Álvaro Jiménez, already at the end, caught up with the victory (1-4) in the home stretch. Eleventh Carranza for the showcases of the mattress group.

Party in the stands, joy and warmth, very hot, in Cadiz, where Nahuel Molina made his debut in red and white. The Ramon de Carranza Trophy It was the baptism of the defender’s mattress signed to become the owner of a right-back orphaned since Trippier’s departure. From his first appearance, the Argentinian showed his attacking qualities with a dangerous threaded pass, one of the virtues with which he triumphed at Udinese. A player with an excellent plant, Cholo has a stylus on that side, even if he remained in the canoe after the break.

  • 1, CADIZ:

    David Gil; Zaldúa, Cala, Fali, Luis Hernández, Pacha Espino; Jose Mari, Alex Fernandez, Alarcon; Lucas Perez and Lozano.

  • Alberto Perea, Chust, Mabil, Ledesma, Calderon, Diarra, Alvaro Jimenez, Arzamendia, Mbaye, Pombo, Kikin and Eyong also played

  • 4, ATLETICO:

    Oblak; Molina, Wass, Witsel, Hermoso, Saul; Koke, DePaul; Griezmann, Joao Felix and Morata.

  • Grbic, Sergio Diez, Gimenez, Savic, Reinildo, Llorente, Kondogbia, Lemar, Correa and Carlos Martin also played.

  • GOALS:

    0-1, min. 13, Moratus. 0-2, min. 45, Saul. 0-3, min. 46, Wass. 0-4, min. 51, Griezmann. 1-4 mins. 87, Alvaro Jiménez.


    Munuera Montero (C. Andalusia). He reprimanded Cala (21), Fali (45) and Griezmann (56).

Quedan días para que el Atlético de Madrid estrene en la Liga y Simeone, por lo visto esta noche, aún tiene cosas que pulir y jorar en su equipo, aunque la continuidad de prácticamente la totalidad del grupo del pasado course facilita la tarea del Argentine. Automatisms are sewn. Morata, another of this summer’s ‘newbies’, proved he had stapled Cholo’s style book and in Cadiz it took just 13 minutes to open the scoring. The first ball he touched ended up in the cage defended by David Gil after a pass from Griezmann. The Frenchman played in a more back position and was able to provide balls for the Spaniard, who continues to be on Juventus’ radar.

Joao Félix, during the match against Cadiz


A connection which worked thanks to the collaboration of the Andalusian defense, weak, and which was about to bear fruit again after half an hour. Morata has already missed the double Joao Felix, his teammate at the top, the chance to join the red and white goalscoring party that the game ended up becoming. Small of the Portuguese. He left at match time without shooting.

goal with hand

Sergio’s men barely hindered Oblak in the first half, only needed on the home stretch with a shot from Choco Lozano after Lucas Pérez had sent the ball over the post. Only but clear yellow chance in the first half, closed with the second rojiblanco goal. A goal that Munuera Montero should not have conceded because Saúl sent the ball into the net with his arm. A serious failure which feeds the arguments of the defenders of the VAR, disconnected last night in the New Mirandilla. Andalusian protests did not change the decision.

Curious the position of Saúl, who left Atlético last year fleeing from the left side. The absences of Lodi and Carrasco and the replacement of Reinildo have brought the youth team back to that area of ​​the pitch that they don’t like so much, but in which they are resolute. Mischievous smile to celebrate a goal that was born in the free kick that Joao Félix headed and ended up in Saúl’s arms.

Another of those who claimed responsibility against Simeone was Wass. Set up as a right centre-back, the Dane complied with a note and invited Cholo to express his versatility. Nice performance signed with a goal from the edge which definitively broke the match. David Gil assisted in the 0-3. A header from Griezmann minutes later made the scoreboard painful for a Cadiz side still noticeable during the shoot and who had their best chance after the break from a Jose Mari shot against the crossbar.

He also sent a ball past Marcos Llorente’s crossbar in the final stretch of the match, during which Atlético de Madrid ended up deservedly lifting the Ramón de Carranza trophy and seeing their unbeaten streak snapped this pre-season. He emerged unscathed against Numancia (0-4) and Manchester United (0-1), but not in Cadiz. Álvaro Jiménez caught up with the score shortly before Munuera Montero blew the final whistle.

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