Friday, August 5, 2022

It’s the horoscope prediction by zodiac sign for Friday, August 5, 2022. Check your connection at


At this moment you have more than ever the planets in your favor, the Sun and Jupiter, the most positive influences, will open paths for you in the personal, material and social domain. This is an ideal time to take initiatives or at least show good activity in all areas.


Two forces, or two tendencies, are fighting within you. A part of you increasingly needs to be able to relax and rest, to forget about the problems of the world for a few days and to seek peace; but there is another part of your nature which is full of restlessness and impatience, and which wants to tackle all questions immediately.


These days, more than ever, you need to move, to travel, to get out of your environment, to break the monotony, to meet new people or new places, only then can you regain the health of your soul. Fortunately, you are at an ideal time to be able to do this, one way or another, and the stars will help you achieve this.


Today the stars are very well disposed and it will be for you one of those few days of peace, serenity and in some cases even happiness. It’s a great time for the Cancer woman, and also for the man if you let all that wonderful sensitivity that hides deep inside you flow without fear.


Good time to realize your dreams in the sentimental field, or at least for you to take an important step in this direction. Being happy is more difficult for you than being successful in life, but it is also something that is within your reach, especially these days, which in many times will be truly magical.


You always take a lot of precautions for everything because you especially fear the unexpected, these problems which arise without warning and ruin all the efforts you have invested. But now you should not be afraid, the stars are in harmony and these days you should rest and find your inner serenity.


Forget your worries and invest your energies to have a good summer and be happy. At this time, the influences of the Sun, Venus and Jupiter protect your paths and keep you away from dangers and adversities, at least to a large extent. Now the sensible thing is to take advantage of these days to try and do whatever you want.


No matter how well the planets are and no matter how much they help you or open paths for you, it is not enough to dissipate your inner conflicts and your emotional storms, which almost never follow the paths of logic. But even if it’s not always easy, these days you should do your best to seek peace.


A very pleasant surprise awaits you which will fill you with joy or even happiness, perhaps an unexpected meeting or finally news of a loved one, whom you have been waiting for a long time. A very good change is brewing in your life and all of these things are little warnings of its coming.


The day is likely to turn a bit upside down today. A problem will come to you unexpectedly, or something that will cause you great dissatisfaction and it could lead to a very stressful day when everything should have been very different. In any case, the stars are in harmony and you will get rid of the problem.


Today you have to be careful of surprises, especially injuries and accidents. Fortunately, we are in a fairly harmonious and positive planetary situation, so nothing really bad will happen to you, nor anything that cannot have a good solution later, but try to conduct yourself with some caution.


You will have an arrival of money, or another positive surprise in the material and worldly sphere, from the person you least imagined. You have sown a lot of love and you have done very good things for others and sooner or later fate will return it to you, so today you can have a surprise that will make you very happy.

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