Cristina Pedroche travels Mexico with Dabiz Muñoz in a fun adventure

Cristina Pedroche and Dabiz Muñoz traveled to Mexico to enjoy some well-deserved vacation days and they soon fell in love with every corner of the country, its people, and how could it be otherwise, also with its gastronomy.

The wedding visited some of the most important monumentss like the Pyramid of the Sun, the most important structure of the Archaeological Complex of Teotihuacán, or the Church of San Juan Bautista de Coyoacán, a few places that have wowed the couple, as well as the new ingredients and flavors they are discovering.


since their marriage, the chef increasingly transmitted his passion for cooking to Cristina Pedroche thus, when they travel, one of their favorite projects is to discover the typical dishes of each of their destinations.

During these days in Mexico they did not miss the opportunity to visit the most prestigious restaurants in the area in which they are, even if they are also surprised by the many street food stalls in the open air.

Among the dishes they tried are corn with salt, chilli, lemon, mayonnaise and cheese; tacos of a thousand elaborations and even antsa curious dish which, like the Cristina admitted, she eats them “as if they were pipes”.

The presenter also expressed in her networks how she is having a great time during the trip and how much he loves Aztec country.

I can’t get over the smell of delicious food, all the time, the wonderful people I meet, the fun I have… And we’re just getting started, but I can already reconfirm that I love Mexico, its people and its gastronomy“, Said the very excited ‘Zapeando’ collaborator.

Muñoz, for his part, is also raving about Mexican food, and the posts the two shared with their followers were quick to elicit reactions from their followers.among those who have awakened hunger, and many of them do not hesitate to joke that the marriage will come back “on the go”.

But they are not the only ones, Pedroche shared the funny “warning” that one of his closest relatives gave him, in particular his motherwith whom she had a conversation on WhatsApp which ended with the presenter confirming that her mother “is the best”.

Cristina Pedroche publishes a funny conversation with her mother. instagram

How are you, mom?“He asked.”Good. And you?“, I answered. “Good. Have a coffee before training“, explained Pedroche. At that moment, his mother exclaimed: “Yes, train, because with everything you eat, you will get fat. Mom… How can you eat so much?” says the conversation between mother and daughter, Cristina could only finish with a laugh.

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