Bonoloto Jackpot | Woman who begged for alms in Alicante wins €1.2m Bonoloto

A woman who begging in Alicantein the neighborhood of La Florida, was the first prize winner of the Bonoloto rewarded this week. The correct ticket was the first category, with six hits, so the winner, a well-known person in the neighborhood for begging on the street, will receive a price of 1,271,491 euros.

“You have solved my life!”was the party cry with which he entered the tobacco shop that sold him the ticket this Thursday, located at number 70 Orihuela Avenue.

Officials of the tobacconist have confirmed that the winner is a resident of the neighborhood, of gypsy ethnicity, known to beg outside the doors of a bank and supermarket who are in front of the premises, which is also a tobacco shop: “He came yesterday [por este jueves] and told us that we had solved his life. We made someone happy that everyone loved in the neighborhood. The woman had debts and financial problems.”

Mariángeles Torregrosa and Desirée Agorreta, the fifth and sixth generation of the family that runs the tobacconist, assured that they had never given such an important prize: “We had given price of 36,000 euros, but never something so big. We’ve always said we had to give an award, but you never expect that. We were home and They called at 10:40 p.m. to tell us that we had sold the first price Bonoloto and emotion I almost fell in the aisle”.

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The winner, commented Mariángeles Torregrosa, was a regular in the neighborhood: “She came every day around 9 a.m. and made a working day, until 2 p.m., by asking. He sat between the supermarket and the bank, in front of the branch. When he was done, he would come and say, ‘Baby, I’m here.’ Still Bonoloto and Primitiva were taken, not the Euromillion because it was very expensive“.

Several locals also said they saw the winner, whom they knew from begging on the street, celebrating that he had won the Bonoloto. “It’s a district of Alicante that is usually not so named, we are very happy for the priceremarked Torregrosa.

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