Atlético eats a Cádiz CF with few arguments (1-4) in the Trophy

The Cadiz CF carries the weight of the Ramón de Carranza Trophy, after receive a serious correction from Atlético de Madrid (1-4), that he hardly had to make any effort to cross the gaps. The previous doubts that the yellow project raises due to the lack of incorporations a long week from the start of the League, translated into an ugly result and worse sensations. The tribune knows what is happening, or thinks it knows, and has pronounced its sentence against the president. And it hasn’t even started.

Sergio González was conditioned by the losses and in the end he chose a line of five from behind with Zaldua and Pacha Espino as lanes, closing Luis Hernández, Cala and Fali. José Mari and Alarcón, with Álex Fernández more advanced, in the center, and Choco Lozano and Lucas Pérez as the main offensive references.

It was the bet. Cadiz CF against an Atlético de Madrid who left only injured at home. Diego Pablo Simeone parked this friend -a term that does not go hand in hand with his state- and put the artillery who this year intends to reclaim old aspirations such as the League and the Champions League.

And soon he who wanted and could, and he who wanted but only or dreamed, was seen. The clock showed 6 minutes and Wass latched on from the right in the box for Griezmann to connect with a header. from a good neckline that failed to direct the ball, which touched the left post before missing the bottom line.

The Cadiz CF contributed will… and not much else while the rojiblancos have really struck. Griezmann – one of the strong points in the mattress ranks – made a pass to Morata so that the attacker, in the place he likes the most, take advantage of Fali’s failed attempt to leave him offside and beat David Gil low.

If it was a question of reporting on the interventions of the defenses and the goalkeepers, the workload settled in the yellow zone. It was the Frenchman’s turn again, from set pieces, and the free-kick was narrowly missed. At the time, Álex was clearly limping from a previous tackle and everything pointed to the need to leave the pitch; this is how in the 29th minute Perea assumes its surface. The worst is whether there is Madrid for the league debut.

The script was somewhat repetitive, something like that excessive heat that this summer took possession of the coast of Cadiz. Wass was doing his thing and Griezmann was serving balls with spark and criteria around the area; one of them was snagged by Morata in the U-turn until Gil’s hand appeared. It was clear who was in charge in the Carranza Trophy and in the Mirandilla.

The only appearance of Cadiz CF in the first period found himself on the post in a close shot by Cala and the rejection of the Choco Staff tied it loosely to Oblak’s hands.

The first half ended with bad symptoms from the hosts, with an unpleasant image when coming out in front of the fans. And since the feeling is that everything was against and uphill, the 0-2 was a big mistake by the refereeing trio in a match without VAR. Griezmann, a boy for everything, executes a free kick from the left that wanders until Joao Félix heads him to the far post and Saúl pushes him into the net with his hand.

The protests of Cadiz CF they were of little use; Okay yes, so Munuera Montero warned David Gil and Fali. “Without VAR, there is no paradise of justice”, said more than one.

The fans, a soul that grows when you applaud and is cruel when you criticize, were angry with the braids… but also with Manuel Vizcaíno. Shouts of “Vizcaino resignation” along with others like “Where are the signatures…” They warmed up the already hot Cadiz night.

The second part brought changes and the sentence of the meeting. Wass clears the area of ​​the team’s nearest goal with a zambombazo with effect and some defects from the Cadista goalkeeper (0-3). And just four minutes later Griezmann headed to send the ball into the net in a center in Diez. Minute 50 and 0-4. The sangria dressing was capped off by a very angry crowd who raised their anger against the president.

The rain of changes has weakened visitors and changed the locals somewhat for the better -it was not difficult to overcome what had been seen-, although the reading was the last goal of Álvaro Giménez, the appearance of Mabil and many local players close to the first team.

Steal the trophy and Doubts hover over a project that has not been realized and that still has a long way to go. Occasionally, although the calendar continues to meet days.

data sheet

Cadiz (1): David Gil (Ledesma, 76′), Luis Hernandez (Momo Mbaye, 76′), Cala (Chust, 48′), Fali (Etae, 82′), Zaldua (Mabil, 76′) and Pacha Espino (Arzamendia, 76′ ), Jose Mari (Martin, 76′), Alarcón (Kicín, 82′), Alex (Perea, 29′) (Mady Diarra, 76′), Choco Lozano (Alvaro G., 76′) and Lucas Perez (Pombo, 76′).

TO. Madrid (4): Oblak (Grbic, 46′), Molina (Díez, 46′), Witsel (Carlos, 73′), M. Hermoso (Giménez, 60′), Wass (Reinaldo, 60′), De Paul (Kondogbia, 60′) , Koke (Llorente, 60′), Saúl (Savic, 60′), Joao Félix (Lemar, 60′), Griezmann and Morata (Correa, 60′).

Arbitrator: Munuera Montero (Andalusian school). The meeting was complicated by the controversy over the second goal.
Cards: Yellow David Gil, Fali, Lucas Pérez and Griezmann.

Goals: 0-1 (13′) Morata. 0-2 (44′) Saul. 0-3 (46′) Wass. 0-4 (50′) Griezmann. 1-4 (86′) Alvaro Gimenez.

Case : Match of the LXVIII Ramón de Carranza Trophy, played at the Nuevo Mirandilla stadium. 17,089 spectators.

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