Antonio Carmona’s daughter steps away from her dad’s last name and tries her luck on the C Tangana tour – Music

Lucía Fernanda, had to endure article after article in the Spanish press always calling her the nickname “daughter of…”, because the resonance of the surname Carmona has an echo too loud in the public sounding board. This week we were surprised by the launch of her single ‘Alili’ by popular urban artist Sami Duque with which he has not been released in the world of music, since there are not a few steps in the music industry, the last has been gigantic, since this 2022 he has been part of the team C Tangana, together with his sister Marina, on his tour through Spain and now he will continue to do so in Latin America.

What is clear is that the Carmona family wastes art on all sidesand it is an undeniable fact, because his father Antonio Carmona can be very proud of the musical legacy of which the two daughters he shares with Mariola Orellana have drunk, who have followed in his footsteps and dedicated themselves professionally to the world of music. music, who has devoted himself to it since adolescence. The voices of the two sisters delight the female voices in the choirs and duets that accompany the songs of ‘Madrileño’ and his flamenco album ‘La Sobremesa’.

C Tangana trusted her as a showgirl

This opportunity was a way to obtain worldwide visibility for the young artist, to which her father’s last name has always weighed, because from the music industry they demeaned her because she was considered a little less than “hip”, being in truth a lioness who lHe spent years fighting tooth and nail for his dream with little help from heaven celebrity children.

She seeks to carve out a place for herself on her own merits. This is how she told ‘El Español’: “Since I was little I knew I wanted to be an artist. I saw what was in my house and I said ‘i want to be like them‘. You don’t know the artists who have passed through my house… Since I was little, I’ve been doing my dances and my stuff. Thank God I can devote myself to it, who is my dream and super happy. “

His sister Marina found love on the ‘Sin Cantar Ni Afinar’ tour

“My dad always told me it was a pretty tough job. From the outside it seems like a lot of fun, and it really is, devoting yourself to what you love, but that involves a lot things. It’s exposing yourself a lot, expose your emotions.” And he knows a lot about emotions, because on this tour, even his own sister Marina Carmona managed to find love in the guitarist and musical director of C Tangana, Victor Martínez.

Lucía preferred to disassociate herself from the surname ‘Carmona’

“I started making a type of music that I considered different from what all the Carmonas and the whole Habichuela saga had done. It’s true that I always had the influence and the roots from where I was coming, but I did something different from what we hear now and from what I hear myself. The Carmona surname weighed on me a bit for what I was doing and decided to opt out. Not because I’m Antonio Carmona’s daughter, but because of my music. What I want is for people to like the music, the song, the image that goes after. The character is apart.” And for Lucía, this need to make music in the key she loves made her completely fulfilled with the song she released “I was looking for an urban artist, who also had these Flemish roots, these arabesques. And Sami Duque emerged.” Something that also suited him perfectly to the artist C Tanagana, the greatest exponent of urban music with different touches.

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