Análisis Sword and Fairy Together Forever


Far beyond the fact that the Japanese and Koreans are the only Asian countries to transfer their great works to Western audiences, other regions such as China are increasingly frequent on this route.

Today we are going to talk about Sword and Fairy: Together Foreverthe eighth installment of this role-playing franchise so little known to the Spanish public that we have come to know thanks to the publication of its seventh installment.

Together foreverlet’s once again abandon turn-based combat to bring us an action-adventure, with large doses of exploration, a graphic infarction section, and a story that brings to life several canons of Asian culture.

deities versus demons

History will follow closely in the footsteps of Xiu Wua deity who, after trying to stop the plans of the demonic army, falls in battle and is stripped of his powerful weapon, which endangers the tranquility of life on Earth.

You will meet thereYue Qingshu, a young swordswoman who trains in the art of swordsmanship and summoning until the tragic events of the adventure occur. Together they will embark on an adventure where their destinies will intertwine but we will not give more details to crush the surprise.

That yes, we can assure that argumentatively we are facing an exceptional gamewith several plot twists -some quite unforeseen- and a cast of protagonists with well-defined personalities.

Análisis Sword and Fairy Forever Together Forever
Argumentally and graphically, he is very careful.

If we were to look for something wrong with this section, we would assume that history has ups and downswhich take us out of the context of the main story and which can sometimes be difficult to understand by exploiting Chinese culture so worthily.

To this we must add that the game does not arrive with texts in Spanishand although we deeply regret that he did not have the chance to Xuan Yuan Sword 7the amount of text you have is so overwhelming that it can make it difficult to understandand therefore your pleasure.

Análisis Sword and Fairy Forever Together Forever
There will be several phases of jumps which will have juicy rewards, even if it is difficult.

The gameplay is nimble and well-balanced, but…

As for the gameplay, we have mixed feelings, on the one hand these are frenetic fights where we chain short combos with magical abilities where each character has their own arsenal.

But on the other hand, they are repetitive and leave little room for strategy or planning than other similar sagas -like the very Kingdom Hearts– if they allow it. so finally we are left with that they are fun but could be more original.

Análisis Sword and Fairy Forever Together Forever
The enemies are very well integrated into the decor.

This, yes, we can change characters in battle at any time with a very simple combinationso we can alternate different styles of play in many situations, which helps a lot.

Also we were quite impressed with the boss fightswhich have a very cinematic part and an impressive finish, although to talk about graphics and enemy designs we better skip to the graphics section.

Análisis Sword and Fairy Forever Together Forever
In terms of effects, it’s pretty good.

It impresses you for its graphics and you stay for its soundtrack, technically it is very correct

The first thing that we will notice at the beginning of the adventure is the good graphic finish that the game has, and that is that they knew perfectly squeeze the wonders of Unreal Engine 4.

not only of correct lighting and a good level of effects will do the trickbecause the details and finishes of the designs – both enemies and protagonists – impress despite the type of production in question.

The details have been taken care of, to the point where the enemies blend seamlessly into the scene setting. For example, in a meadow, you can find a rock that undoubtedly blends well with its surroundings, but if you hit it, you will see how it turns into a mini stone golem that cries out to be heated.

Análisis Sword and Fairy Forever Together Forever
Some spirits will help us in battle, and we must prepare them for it.

And it is that in addition the design of the enemies is magnificent, as well as the variety of movements and gestures of the characters, so the immersion is more than assured.

The same goes for tuning. where the most magical Chinese culture is very well representedalthough it is helped for this by its soundtrack, which merges with the decor to make it even more impressive.

Ultimately, has one of the main ingredients of a good role-playing gamewhich is to make us sympathize with the characters and to make us feel inside their imaginary world, something that he achieves more than.

Análisis Sword and Fairy Forever Together Forever
You can also cook, and the result is beautiful and useful.

Fun and long, if you can

Another fundamental aspect of a good role-playing game is a duration according to many sub-tasks.

These are abundant from the start, and although they are very guidedthey have an advantage in their favor, it is that sometimes we can change the course of the mission and choose how its outcome is.

This option adds some variety, since the missions mainly consist of defeating an enemy or talking to a character, something that does not innovate the sector, but it does not make it ugly either, because the rewards are worth it. .

Also, we have a series of challenges in which we will not only have to fightbut also to test our coordination with the jumps, something that can sometimes be tedious, but which makes the scenarios a little less flat.

Análisis Sword and Fairy Forever Together Forever
You can change the course of some missions, but unfortunately the language does not help.

We also experienced the presence of a mini-card game with its consequent collection of cards, a bit random in its gameplay but addictive if you are one of those who like to get them all.

In short, the more than 30 hours that the game can last us if we go for it at 100% they are more than justified due to the large number of optional tasks it has, despite the fact that the story itself is linear if we go there.

Análisis Sword and Fairy Forever Together Forever
Some dungeons have puzzles to solve, and we love that.


S&F:TF We liked it a lot and it seems to us to be a more than suitable job for fans of the genre, which this year is more than represented with all the releases it has.

If it’s true the language will be a nuisance for more than one who wants to enjoy the plotthe truth is that it didn’t matter to us due to the impressive level of detail, graphics, and that its fights are fun – though not the best in the game.

Ultimately, a guaranteed buy for those looking for something different this summer and that you can’t wait to embark on a saga that, for more than enough reason, has subjects in Asia.

Análisis Sword and Fairy Forever Together Forever

Points in favor

  • Scandal chart section
  • Immersion in Chinese culture and soundtrack
  • Well-crafted story and characters…

points against

  • …although there are ups and downs and flat times
  • The combat system needs more depth and variety, but it’s still fun.
  • Some plot moments become very linear and the exploration gets lost.
Análisis Sword and Fairy Forever Together Forever
Some mini-games will rush collectors the most.

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