Anabel Pantoja breaks her silence on Raquel Lozano after confirming her special relationship with Omar Sánchez

Between Omar Sánchez and Raquel Lozano the spark was born and Anabel Pantoja wanted to publicly give her opinion on the new life of her ex-husband

Anabel Pantoja continues (and will continue) to get people talking. After ‘Survivors 2022’ ended, the influencer is still getting back together with her family. Sevilla, Cantora and now El Puerto de Santa María, the niece of the tonadillera organized a stayed with Alejandro Nierto, Tania Medina and Yulen Pereira. The couples enjoyed a reggaeton concert and also a good meal at a beach bar, a moment they took advantage of to talk publicly about how their return to reality is going and, also, on the romance born between Omar Sánchez and Raquel Lozano.

After a brutal break at the beginning of the year and after Anabel Pantoja began a love affair with Yulen Pereira, Omar Sánchez was not closed to love and found the illusion with Raquel Lozano. The canary made it clear that they are not an official couple and precisely Anabel wanted to come out of her silence to give her opinion.

“I think it’s good that people know each other, I want the best for the people I love. Omar had told me, of course. I like her a lot, I knew her before and that’s a very good girl”confessed Anabel Pantoja calm and happy because Omar Sánchez and Raquel Lozano crossed paths.

anabel pantoja

Anabel Pantoja talks about Raquel Lozano in ‘Sálvame’.


Also, he wanted to express himself on what his return to routine and the reunion with Isabel Pantoja and his parents were like: “Yulen had never come to a beach bar and it’s great. I’m super good, I’m still adjusting, I eat with my hands, I sleep badly. My aunt will always respect me and says she is happy for me and super proud. I am 36 years old, my family has always stayed out of my life and just wants to see me happy”, he said, specifying that his family accepts his courtship with Yulen Pereira.

But not only Anabel spoke for ‘Sálvame’, Raquel Lozano too. The former ‘Big Brother’ contestant broke her silence for the first time about Omar Sánchez and flattered the canary: ‘He’s not my partner, he’s not my boyfriend, we’re just learning Obviously, if you start getting to know someone and you don’t like them, you stop knowing them, talking or calling. He has a big heart, he’s a very generous person and he’s always very caring, he’s not sloppy at all.”

Terelu Campos continued to ask her questions and pointed out that Omar Sánchez had confirmed that he was not meeting other women, only her: “It’s quite important, really. It seems to me that it is normal, the abnormal is that he says that he still knows about forty“…And, to top it off, also denied the possibility of an assembly: “It’s absurd, I had a terrible time with it. From time to time, everything will be seen if the relationship continues”, he concluded.

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