Ana Luque, very clear when speaking of Olga Moreno: “We will have a conversation”

  • “Things with Olga at the moment are on ‘stand by’, there is no smooth communication, I hope when she comes back from vacation we will have a conversation”

  • “Well, yeah, I’m sorry I told her, maybe it’s…but I didn’t realize the interview was about her, I talked about me, my husband, my family… it was super nice”

  • “” and went to the island for Ana Luque, not to be Olga’s friend. It’s true that I went on the show to defend a friend, but there were a lot of relatives there and no one was called”

Ana Luce He goes to the set of ‘The Summer Program’ to comment on his friendship with Olga Moreno. After the exclusive departure of the candidate from the island, the relationship between the two very close friends has radically changed and now they are further apart than ever…

Ana Luque faced the questions of the collaborators from the first moment she stepped on the set and answered with the greatest possible sincerity: “LThings with Olga at the moment are on ‘stand by’, there was no call, we don’t have smooth communication.”

Once seated on the sofa, Ana Luque argues her words to find out if she could have gone further in the competition: “I think if I had defended myself a little moresurely with your support, because she is much loved in Spain…”.

Ana Luque and Olga Moreno, a conversation and pending explanations

Patricia Pardo, after seeing the video of the exclusive with the protagonist, asks: “Are you still friends with Olga?“. Ana Luque, with a serious gesture, replies: “well i hope soafter all these days We didn’t talk, only on WhatsAppI hope that when he comes back from his holidays…”

“In fact, I wrote to her to come home, she was packing her suitcase and she didn’t come. She replied ‘Look, I’m packing my suitcase, if I finish on time I’ll go’ , but it seems that she didn’t finish in time, “says Ana Luque about her friend. Then, he confesses what his wish is: “I hope when he comes on vacation we have this conversation. Friends, wellr this nonsense, because of the word ‘disappointment’, there are much worse things in life…”.

The collaborators reproach the guest for not having informed Olga that she had made an exclusive for a magazine which spoke about her. Ana Luque responds to journalists with total sincerity: “Well, yes I regret not having told himmaybe…” Then, he explains his point of view: “But it’s that I didn’t perceive it as an interview talking about her, talking about me, a lot of things, my family… They interviewed me, they did a super nice thing to me, because I prioritize what they did to me.

Ana Luque is very clear with the collaborators

The collaborators of ‘The summer program’ criticize Ana Luque for not having asked Olga Moreno whether or not she should participate in ‘Survivors’. The candidate takes the floor and is very clear about who she should ask: “Well, I consulted my husband, my daughters, my father, my family…”

“I went to the island for Ana Luque, not to be Olga’s friend. I went to the island to attend a program last yearor to defend a friendbut also there were a lot of relatives there and no one was called“, sentence on his role on television.

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