Alicante promotes creative residencies at Las Cigarreras until 2023

Alicante, August 5, 2022.- The City Council Contracts Commission this week offered the award to different companies that choose to develop the “Creative Residences in Cigarreras” program, for an amount of 141,222 euros with a duration until December 31, 2023.

In total there are 5 lots which are divided into residences of scenic creation, experimental electronic music, audiovisual art, photography and interdisciplinary research, of which only the first is deserted.

For the residencies for the creation of experimental electronic music, the only offer submitted was submitted for a total amount of €30,482.14 from the ENSOLAB Association, corresponding to lot 2. For the third and fourth lots, the Association has suffered the same fate for Contemporary Independent Authors with an offer of €33,977 for audiovisual artistic creation and €33,758 for photographic creation.

Similarly, for lot 5, the largest, corresponding to the residency for interdisciplinary research, the Association for Community Culture and Ecologies “The Fourth Skin” was proposed with an offer of €43,005.13. The four auctioned lots total an amount of 141,222 euros. Lot 1 of creative residences for scenic creation has been deserted.

The Councilor for Culture, Antonio Manresa, indicated that “with the creative residences of Las Cigarreras we aim to stimulate the artistic fabric of the city, offering artists different spaces to develop their creativity. In the same way, tutoring, mentoring and support sessions will be offered to them during all phases of the creative process”.

This program is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), within Axis 12 “Urban Development” of the Operational Program for Sustainable Growth (EDUSI), for the 2014-2020 programming. “A way of making Europe”.

Creative residencies in Las Cigarreras

The creative residencies program of the Cultural Center Las Cigarreras is an effective tool to make the city of Alicante visible as an attractive environment for contemporary culture. The objectives of this program are part of the integrated strategy for sustainable urban development EDUSI – Zone of Las Cigarreras, showing in the strategy itself, the transversality in the different lines of action envisaged.

In this sense, a network of collaborative spaces has been generated in which the residences will use municipal facilities such as the premises of Sargento Vaillo, the dryer of the Las Cigarreras Cultural Center or the old tobacco factory, in order to establish opportunities for local creators from a wide range of artistic disciplines.

Las Cigarreras creative residencies aim to create, research, experiment, produce and develop creative projects, as well as supporting artists during all phases of the creative process.

Each of the residences or creation spaces has specific needs, in the case of the scenic creation residence, the users will be creators working in the fields of theatre, circus, dance, performance and/or other arts movement. In the one related to the creation of experimental music, users will be sound artists, experimental electronic musicians, creative coders or any professional capable of developing a project in the spectrum of experimental sounds and dance music.

In the same way, the users of the audiovisual artistic creation residency will be artists who investigate and produce from the context of new media such as digital art, audiovisual, experimental cinema, video art, etc. Concerning photographic creation residences, the users will be photographers and artists, creators, researchers and cultural producers around image studies. And finally, the interdisciplinary research residency, in which the winners will combine different approaches on the same subject.

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